Wear a Feng shui Bracelet if You Want to be Lucky in 2021

When worn on the wrist, the talisman bracelets bring health, peace, focus, happiness, love, and also prosperity.

Believing they have miraculous properties, the talisman bracelets will visibly change our lives through powerful vibrations that strengthen both the mind and the body:

  • Help cure disease (improving the mental and physical strength);
  • Attract and maintain love in our lives (warding off the negative karma);
  • Bring wealth and success (eliminating obstacles).

The beneficial effects of the lucky talisman bracelets for the wearer:

  • They can stimulate: spiritual awakening, facilitate access to divinity and God (suitable for prayer and meditation), mental abilities, communication flow (easier conversations), inter-human relationships, verbal communication, creativity, self-knowledge, confidence, flexibility, powerful aura.
  • They can bring the wearer: peace, harmony, unity, hope, grace, accelerate lingering situation, calmness, relief, purification, relaxation, divine inspiration, optimism, joy, spontaneity, and promptness (recommended for the people who are usually late to meetings or don’t finish in due time their tasks).
  • They can reduce: fear, phobias, nightmares, anxiety, depression, fright, agitation, stage fright (recommended for actors, orators).
  • They can help: to understand complex situations and recognize the truth, reconciliation for the couples who broke up, making new acquaintances.
  • They offer protection to travellers on water or air and protects against drowning.
  • Health: powerful protection for health, reduce pain, fluid liquid retention, hormonal balance, help to quit dangerous addictions (for example, medicine). Beneficial for thymus, liver, stomach, immune system, kidneys, thyroid gland, spleen, heart, eyes, teeth, ears. Beneficial in case of respiratory allergies, bronchitis, cough, dental pain, acne, allergies, migraines, hypothyroidism, mumps, inflammations, prevents miscarriage.

Where should I wear my lucky charm bracelet?

The left side of the body is considered the feminine side, which takes care of the inner self and, at the same time, is the most sensitive part of the body.

It receives the energy from outside the body and determines you to make positive changes that are beneficial for you.

When you wear certain crystals on the left hand, you can control and modify the stress from outside. To transmit healing energies to your body, wear the bracelet on the left hand.

The right side is considered the masculine side of the body, the active zone that offers. When you wear a bracelet on the right hand, the stones increase the productivity and control the energy you spend. To eliminate toxins from your body, and to free the Chakras, wear the bracelet on the right hand.

Rudraksha Bracelet

The Rudraksha seed bracelet is an excellent remedy for the people born under the following astrological signs: Rat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. For each sign, there are several semi-precious stones, and we recommend you to wear the stone for which you feel a close connection and attraction. 

Rudraksha is the name of a tree with blue fruits, and the seeds of these fruits are used to create these wonderful beads. The tree is often found in South-East Asia, Nepal, and India. 

The Rudraksha beads are multifaceted, but the most commonly found are the five-faceted beads. 

The Rudraksha beads attract extraordinary growth in all life domains and can fulfill all wishes. 

This Feng Shui remedy brings the wearer on the right path, calms the mind, increases strength, and eliminates fears.

The Rudraksha bracelets are very sought out by those who want: a healthy body and mind, success in all life domains, acquiring new knowledge, wealth, and fame.

Because of this, they are recommended to students and pupils, and those working on projects. They positively change the personality and mentality and facilitate the spiritual and material growth of the wearer.

Red Ribbon Bracelet

The Lucky Red Ribbon Bracelet must be worn on the left-hand wrist to beneficiate of protection and to attract positive energy. It can be worn by the people born under the Ox, Tiger, and Goat signs.

The red ribbon is used for protection against evil eye and spells. The evil eye is a very powerful negative force.

It refers to unfriendly and malicious looks that we sometimes receive from the people around us. The envious eyes and evil looks can affect us, stopping us from accomplishing what we planned, and can attract illness and even death.

Since ancient times until the present day, a few colors had the power and influence of the RED color.

In China, the red color has many meanings, but the most important are luck, protection, and happiness.

It is said that before the modern times, the bride wore a red veil on the face, removing it only when she saw her groom for the first time, on the day of the wedding, never seeing each other before.

The tradition of wearing a red veil is maintained until today, with the only change that the bride meets the groom before the wedding ceremony.

The red color is a fire element, and it has been associated with the Phoenix, being both destructive and life-giving.

The Phoenix bird promises success and longevity.

In today’s China, the red color is still associated with wealth and abundance.

In Feng Shui also, the red color is the “supreme” color, attracting power, warmth, success, prosperity, and wealth. It is also the color of protection and love.

In Feng Shui, red is the color of good fortune. It is a color that denotes happiness and the arrival of success.

Silk is also considered a natural material that offers energetic protection. It became popular a few years ago when Madonna, a new Kabbalah member, showed up wearing a Kabbalah bracelet.

The trend increased, and stars like Michael Jackson, Rosie O’Donnell, Ashton Kutcher, Britney Spears, David Beckham, Avril Lavigne, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens., or Lauren Conrad have started to wear this kind of bracelets.

Figure 8 Bracelet

According to the Feng Shui theory, the sideways eight-figure or the infinity symbol represents eternal love and luck. This bracelet brings luck, especially to the people born in the Dragon, Snake, and Horse signs.

The symbol of infinity is very popular, and it refers to many different concepts, usually linked to the idea of “endless” or “greater than the greatest thing you could think of”.

This symbol allegedly brings vibrant and beneficial Chi energy. In the Feng Shui culture, figure eight and, implicitly, the infinity symbol is considered a lucky, auspicious symbol that brings abundance, prosperity, and continuity.