Lucky Feng Shui Colors 2022

The year 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger, and the Chinese zodiac signs will need the energy offered by the lucky colors, to help them really shine.

The year of Water Tiger starts on February 1, 2022 and it will be marked by sudden changes, surprises, dynamism, and instability. Family is one of the emphasized elements during this period.

According to Chinese tradition, the Water Tiger should bring a more peaceful time, in which we can enjoy love and prosperity. Financially, the year of the Tiger announces a beneficial period.

The predominant and luckiest colors of the year to come are red, black, blue, and green. According to the Chinese tradition, these colors will bring luck, increase confidence and drive away negative energies.

The colors bring us light, energy, and strong vibrations. The connection between the zodiac signs and their lucky colors, as it appears in the spectrum of the zodiac, helps us to choose exactly the shades that do us good and that complement our need for energy and inner harmony.

Next, we will detail what colors will have to use each Chinese zodiac sign to increase the chances of luck in 2022, even more. Use these colors to attract money and luck in love.

Feng Shui Lucky Colors for 2022, Year of the Tiger


According to the Chinese astrological calendar, based on five elements (water, fire, earth, metal, and wood), the year of the Water Tiger is associated with the black color. We can thus say that 2022 is the year of the Black Water Tiger.

Water attracts mobility and change, so 2022 will be a vibrant year, always subject to change.


Another color that predominates during this holiday is red. Red is the money envelope children receive in the morning from parents after wishing them a happy and healthy new year. Red is also frequently used for festival decorations. Another example of its use is the paper decorations adorning the doors and windows, with words and phrases expressing good luck and happiness.


In Feng Shui, green is the color of prosperity, growth, and new beginnings. In the five-element Feng Shui theory, the green color is related to the Wood element. Green is favorable for heath, calms down the nervous system, and balances the body attracting nature’s healing Feng Shui vibrations. When used as a Feng Shui remedy, more shades and tones should be used to attract more energy.

From raw green, apple green, kiwi green, pea green, duck egg green, avocado pulp green to the dark green of the dollar bill, there is practically an entire chromatic range from which to choose to use the Feng Shui energy of the green color. Guide yourself according to your taste, study the energy map of your space and invite in your life the energy of growth, renewal, and the healing power of color green.


Blue is a magnificent color in Feng Shui. Its shades go from the light blue color of the clear water to the greenish-blue of the ocean and deep indigo. In Feng Shui, blue is associated with the Water element, unclouded sky, and clear and clean water. Blue color can be successfully used in areas with flying stars requiring the Water element.

How to Decorate the House and Office in the Colors of 2022

Bring the blue color to your surroundings by choosing shades of blue for the walls, decorations, and ornaments. Pale blue is the ideal color for the office, especially if Wood or Water is your distinctive element, according to the Chinese zodiac.

Blue must be used cautiously in the South, West, and Northwest areas. One of the most soothing chromatic combinations is white and blue, which can bring the energy of the endless sky and happiness to your space.

Remember the Greek islands, with white-painted houses and blue windows, through which you can glimpse the incredible blue of the sea. Another idea would be to place in your room a white bowl with a few blue crystals of quartz, sodalite, or lapis lazuli.

Water is one of the most powerful elements in Feng Shui because it covers most of the Earth’s surface. Although you can bring many Water elements in the bedroom, such as a small fountain or aquariums, some colors can reflect this element just as well. Find bed sheets in colors that make you think of water, such as azure, blue, or black.

The Wood elements and the brown and green colors also symbolize abundance and can be used as a Feng Shui remedy to attract wellness and prosperity. Wood is the main Feng Shui element in the South-East area of houses and offices. Don’t be afraid to bring vibrant colors to your home.

Red represents action, passion, and activity, which is why it is a color recommended for offices. You can paint a wall in a fire color or add some décor accessories, such as a painting, a red vase, or a red piece of furniture.

Lucky Objects in the Colors of 2022

Green Jade Mala Bracelet with Protection Elements

It is said that jade personifies the five main moral traits: compassion, modesty, courage, truth, and wisdom. It is recommended for pregnant women who want an easy birth delivery. Chinese people also believe that the stone attracts wisdom and blessing.

Feng Shui Bracelet with Pi Xiu and Black Obsidian, a semiprecious natural stone

Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass. It is formed immediately after the volcanos’ eruption. Many believe that the obsidian protects the wearer against evil and brings wealth and wellness. Black obsidian is a crystal with healing power that offers protection and strengthens the basic chakra. It is a powerful protection crystal, efficient in purifying the aura. It is recommended for protection against fear, anxiety, addiction, and nervousness.

Pendant with emerald stone

Emerald is a fascinating stone of intense green color, considered one of the most potent talismans, symbolizing fruition, immortality, and clairvoyance.

The stone of true love can bring clarity to the couple’s relationship in a wanted or unwanted sense. It offers spiritual force, heals congestions, and creates inner peace and balance. The emerald allows all hopes. Green and translucent, it is the emblem of hope and has fertility and love regenerating powers. It is recommended for women who want to become mothers.


Feng Shui Mystic Knot

Mystic Knot attracts long life full of happiness and fortune. Usually, it comes in red.
This symbol has its origin in the popular craft of Chinese knitting, which started in the Tang dynasty over 1000 years ago. It represents the Buddhist cycle of death and rebirth and includes the infinity symbol in its pattern, repeated six times for luck.

The Infinity Knot is not found only in knitting patterns but also as a sculpted or painted design. It is believed that it is beneficial in every aspect of a person’s life, so it is frequently used in jewelry, key chains, car charms, and other portable objects, but also on pottery, wind chimes, and other home décor objects.


The Lucky Color Of Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

Rat – red, brown, green, purple

The lucky color of those born in the sign of the Rat is red – a strong color of the year 2022.

Wear this color to increase your energy level and optimism. Red symbolizes pure energy, unbridled passion, the essence of life. It is the color that mobilizes and energizes. It can be accompanied by shades of red-brown, for an increased sense of responsibility, and green or purple, for harmony in relationships with others.


Ox – green, red, orange, yellow

Green is the lucky color of those born in the sign of the Ox in 2022. Promotes financial and personal stability. Encourages the purchase of real estate, and in love helps to stabilize emotions. It mediates harmony with nature, and also represents sentimental balance. Other lucky colors are: the sensual shades of red, orange or yellow.


Tigeryellow, gray, silver

The qualities of those born in the Tiger sign are: dynamism, intellectuality, versatility. Thus, the color associated with these qualities is yellow. The color of the sun, the hot sand on the exotic beaches and the summer, yellow represents the specific curiosity and positivity of the tigers.

The color of lavender, variations of gray, shades of blue, brown, green, silver are among the favorable tones that stimulate brain activity. Green is useful in love, shades of gray and blue maintain harmonious relationships with those around, the color brown promotes material purchases and investments.


Rabbit – golden yellow, orange, red

It is said that people born under the Rabbit sign are loyal people with special sensitivity. White and yellow are the colors that Rabbits should not give up. They promote the balance of emotions, intuition, and the feeling of protection.

Yellow cheers up the changing mood. Orange, golden yellow and red are the ideal colors of Rabbit in the year 2022. These colors will help you protect your business, have a good relationship with your partners, and increase your chances of making money in 2022.


Dragon – yellow, blue, brown

Yellow, blue, and brown tones are the protective colors of those born under this sign. They bring serenity and calm in situations that require a good capacity for analysis. They are associated with hard work and harmony in the professional sphere.


Snake – Light blue, green and pale red

The lucky colors of those born in the Snake sign allow the release of spiritual energies and give psychological strength in relationships with others. They attract luck and protect against negative energies.

Light blue represents the harmonious, delicate side of the natives, green allows them to form relationships with those around them and pale red is the condition devoid of destructive passion.


Horse – red, black

The perfect colors of the natives in 2022 are red and black, able to harmonize the relations with those around them. It helps the natives and releases the hidden emotions. Red overshadows the passions hidden in the hearts of the natives, and black is the extreme abyss, but also the mystery that often surrounds the dreams of those born under this sign.


Goat – orange, blue, purple

The colors for Goats in 2022 are orange, blue and purple, which attract spiritual waves, open communication channels, and relax relationships. Orange represents very well the tonic and enthusiastic side of the natives, purple – wisdom, and blue the desire for harmony.


Monkey – gray, brown, dark red

For good protection against financial and spiritual difficulties in 2022, Monkeys are advised to use colors such as gray, brown, and dark red.It will also help them block their negative feelings, calm down and rest better.


Rooster – green, blue, red

Green, blue and red are the lucky colors for those born under this sign, in the Water Tiger year 2022. It brings peace to their relationships with those around them. Dark blue is the color of ice that hides unsuspected depths – both tenacity and cold-bloodedness, which will help Roosters to achieve their goals.


Dog – orange, bright yellow, blue

People born in the sign of the Dog have the freest, boldest, and most avant-garde spirit. Therefore, the colors orange and bright yellow are suitable for the natives of the zodiac who find in the bright shades of these colors the energy to express themselves freely and to show them all their conquering personality. Blue is the color that protects their health and mental balance.

Blue and orange will always be the colors that help those in the Chinese zodiac sign of the dog to express themselves freely and always have confidence in them, although they are rather changeable.


 Pig – blue, purple, violet, pink

Of all the signs, it is said that the sign of the Pig is the most dreamy and the one that always projects new plans, before even enjoying what the present offers it.

People born in the sign of the Pig need the color blue to charge them with the calm energy of this color, which reminds them of the flowing waters and the sea.

The delicate shades of purple and violet give the Pigs the power to dream with their eyes open and to remain optimistic in any circumstance. And the shades of pink represent the optimism and joy of a soul that knows how to live the beautiful moments that life offers.