The Luckiest Charms for 2021

No matter if we are talking about a charm, an amulet or a talisman, people have been using luck bringing symbols for millions of years, to attract financial success or to avoid evil.

Lucky Charms to Improve Love Relationship or Attract Love:

Natural Crystals

they are equipped with the power of increasing positive spiritual energy, so they are used for making personalized amulets, depending on your zodiac sign.

The minerals they are made of are those that create a special energy, the color of the stone being important for each sign.

Mandarin Ducks

They are a symbol of love and a symbol for couples. They attract success in your love life and help preserve harmony in your couple.

Two ducks should be placed in the South-West corner of the room or marital bedroom.

Lucky Charms to Improve Career:

Ru Yi

It is the strongest feng shui symbol and remedy for career, success, authority and power. Many CEOs, important directors and successful business people have Ru Yi in their office.

In case you want a promotion, a better workplace or success in your own business, a Ru Yi will amplify your luck in this regard. Also, if you have an important business meeting, a Ru Yi keychain placed in your pocket can increase your authority and the power to gain the trust and admiration of those you are talking to.

It is an excellent gift for those who focus on businesses, politicians and people in managerial positions.

To increase your success and fame in your career, place Ru Yi on the desk, at North, in a visible position. Thus, he can generate a strong positive Chi and increase your chances of attracting respect, but also making you advance in your career with great ease.

Turtle – is associated with business and career success

The turtle, usually a metal one, can be held in the North side of your office, and it is said it can bring benefits, especially to the leaders of a business, or those who supplement their income from commissions or bonuses.

Lucky Charms for Wealth and prosperity:

Dragon Turtle 

In Feng Shui, this remedy for luck is used in more ways than one to bring a happier and more harmonious life. To increase your profits and prosperity, display this remedy in the South-East sector, or at your workplace.

Money Tree

In the Year of the Metal Ox, 2021, Feng Shui trees with colored stones are used to bring good energies into the house.

Trees with multicolored stones bring prosperity, happiness and luck in your life.

You have the possibility of spreading the tree branches and make it so that the stones look like fruits. On the branches of this Feng Shui tree, are placed multicolored stones.

The branches can be arranged as you like because they are made from twisted wire. At the base, it has a rectangular stone, which offers stability wherever you put it.

These trees are a Feng Shui remedy and can be placed in the living room, bedroom, office or any other place.

A tree made of Amethyst stones is very good for the office, as it balances energies between coworkers and bosses, favoring a well-timed promotion.

 Lucky Charms to Maintain Health:


Strings with 8 turtles carved from stone are the symbol of health and longevity. If placed in the East of the room or house, on the wall, they will attract positive energies for a healthy life.

A turtle carved in stone or crystal ensures the protection of the home it stays in. Placed in the North of the room or house, it attracts prosperity and luck in career.

Which charm is the luckiest?

Fish – this amulet brings the harmony that also offers the force and energy required to accomplish all goals.

Lucky bracelets, very popular nowadays, have either a lucky symbol, a red thread and/or a talisman.

Lucky Rabbit FootThe Rabbit foot is a contemporary symbol of chance and luck. –

Lucky key – for antic Greeks, the key was a symbol for knowledge and life. It is said that wearing 3 keys has the power of opening the gates of richness, health and love.

Skull – It is especially known as a warning symbol – it has been used by ancient cultures as a shield against diseases or malefic influences

Sun – talisman for fertility, good harvests, economic abundance, happiness and luck.

Angel –  the angel symbol is often used in jewelry, bringing good luck and protecting against evil spirits.

Lucky hand  / Hamsa represents a symbol of spiritual power, force, domination and protection. The hand of Fatima (daughter of Mahomed) is a lucky symbol in islamic countries, each finger representing a certain quality: faith, prayer, pilgrimage, charity, fasting. Jew Believers, think that the person wearing this symbol – “Hand of Miriam ” – is blessed with luck.

Lucky horseshoe – a protection symbol against hexes or evil eye, the horseshoe has a beneficial effect, according to some ancient legends, when placed with its ends facing upwards.

Rudraksha – Rudraksha beads represent Shiva, one of the deities of the Hindu trinity. These strong amulets transmit spiritual powers, health, fame and material happiness.

Four leaf clover – the lucky plant, found even on Romanian ground, the lucky four leaf clover was respected in Celtic myths due to its emerald green hue and its vigorous growth. Each leaf symbolizes a certain lucky characteristic: fame; richness, love and health.

According to superstition, the wearer of a four-leaf clover can be sure that their love one will return to them, and that they are protected by any evil spiritual intervention. Dreaming a four-leaf clover means a happy life.

What is the lucky plant for 2021?

The Money Plant – Crassula ovata

 In traditional Feng Shui, there are plants that increase the abundance of energy, which gave them the name “Money Plant”. The money plant is usually placed in the welfare centre of a house, but can be also beneficial in other areas of the house.

Crassula ovata is the most famous of the succulent plants, used as an indoor plant.
Crassula is also named “Money Tree” or “Money Plant”. Crassula is considered to be the plant responsible for the welfare of the family, and for maintaining a positive energy.

The name “Jade Tree” comes from the color of the Crassula plant’s leaves, which when mature have a green color similar to jade.

In some countries, Crassula is offered as a wedding gift, representing material welfare, and because of its longevity, it represents gaining a rich life experience.

If it’s properly taken care of, this plant can accompany you until you are old.

To attract money in the house, before planting it, place 6 coins in the pot, while thinking of yourselves as a successful, healthy and rich person.

When you water the Money Tree, remember this image as clearly as possible. This exercise will guide you to success.

The ideal color of the pot is red or burgundy. Brown, black, gold or silver can also work.

Feng Shui Lucky Charms for each Chinese Zodiac Signs:

Rat : The ladybug can help you find a partner more easily and lead to a successful marriage. If you are childish, you can also wear fairies on your clothes or keychain.

Ox: Silver and marine animals should be a part of your accessories. Wear them with confidence, and never leave the house without a keychain or a pendant with dolphins or fish.

Tiger: Wear jewelry with red or orange stone, pendants and keychain star or sun-shaped

Rabbit: All metallic jewelry with any stones can bring luck closer to you, especially when it comes to career or school. You can place it in your bag or have a clay pendant tied to your keychain.

Dragon: Choose wallets or bags with a bird print. You can also buy clothes with these motifs, your steps being more protected and efficient.

Snake: Wear silver bracelets and any type of accessory that represents marine animals. If your finances are good, but you want more good luck in other domains, wear pearls.

Horse: Cat will not bring you bad luck, but on the contrary. Wear it in any way possible, on your clothes or jewelry. Gold attracts success, so wear it at least on special occasions.

Goat: Earrings representing nature will guide your steps every time you start a journey. Keychain with stones should also not miss from your pocket. If you have no idea, some cherry earrings or an apple brooch can be two of many other options.

Monkey: Birds, regardless of the species, make you lucky. A swallow talisman or pendant can bring you the perfect lover and an exceptional career.

Rooster: Rings symbolizing snakes should always be worn, but if they are not your style, then you can keep them hidden in your bag.

Dog: The mother of pearl on nails or pendants with semi-precious stones attract luck on your side, especially when it comes to love.

Pig: Precious stones on rings or bracelets make you elegant, but also bring you luck. If you feel that you are going through a rough patch, don’t avoid wearing anything pink.