Tiger Horoscope 2020

According to Chinese Astrology, the Years of the Tiger are 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, and 2022. The Tigers will be lucky in 2020 and they will definitely feel the chances that the year of the rat creates for them. But it seems the Tiger horoscope 2023 does not predict a great year for Tiger.

2019 has been a difficult period for the Tiger natives, but 2020 is going to help them recover completely.

Starting now, the Sun will also shine on their street. The Tigers will become more responsible and they will open their eyes to see what is important in their life.

Money and career

Young Tigers will be more advantaged in the financial sector, especially during the second half of 2020. Those who haven’t found a job yet will obtain the job of their dreams.

The employed Tigers who are not very satisfied with the work conditions or their salary could get a raise. This good news is going to come in August. The Tiger natives should avoid granting loans because they will encounter difficulties recuperating the money.

In 2020, things and situations start to unblock; and the hasted development of things is on their liking.

They must only be careful not to indulge in personal excesses or into over-evaluating situations.

On a professional level, they can distinguish themselves by coming up with new and ingenious solutions to older problems.

They, now, possess the capacity to anticipate the most promising directions of evolution and they also have the energy to chase and turn them into profit.

They want changes: either change tasks and types of activities or even change the workplace. Through the means of their ideas, they could be the ones to generate re-arrangements in their professional environment.

Until they manage to convince everyone about the effect and the validity of their ideas, they could make good steps forward by going with their guts.

This is the time when they request maximum freedom and trust in their actions; and if they don’t receive that, they could move towards other horizons. A great number of Tigers can even decide to start a business on their own.

Those who are in search of a job manage to convince the employers of their professionalism and of the worth of their ideas pretty easily. It would be best to look for positions that fit their aptitudes and that allow them to be innovative.

It is the right moment to ask for a reward for their activity; their earnings could increase significantly. But it would be better to also look for saving solutions, not just ideas on how to spend. There is the temptation to get involved in financial speculations; they would better pay some attention to the risks they expose themselves to, as well.

Their accomplishments on the financial level as well as their confidence and self-esteem might make them put social relationships on a secondary plan; they could lose supporters and fans.

It is important to also associate humane qualities with their talents and achievements.

 love predictions

In love, things will work a bit better than professionally. Some of the Tigers, especially the young natives, might find their soul mate on social networks or through some friends.

The energy of Tigers and their optimistic way of being, makes them become very desirable both to their families, friends and acquaintances. Their family members take pride in them.

Their generosity and emotional availability are very appreciated by others. Their children could make important progress because they are being stimulated by their parents’ confidence and verve.


The Tiger’s health is also favorable; only certain excesses could weaken it. They enjoy sports and outdoor activities and these also keep their tonus at high levels. Their health state is going to be better compared to 2019, although they won’t be able to get rid of their hypochondria, not even for a second.

Lucky colors in 2020: white, light gray, ultramarine (elements – Metal and Water)

What to wear: You need to break the patterns! Usually reserved when it comes to daring outfits for the opposite sex, the Tigers need to break the rules if they want to be lucky. Short and fitted dresses for the Tiger ladies and a button shirt left undone for the Tiger men should be enough!


In Chinese astrology, this animal is related to one of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold (Metal), and Water :

Wood  (Jan. 23, 1974 – Feb. 10, 1975)

The Wood Tigers are still making ambitious plans for their future. And this happens because their abilities and will are still at high levels.

They train in personal projects that could seem surprising to others. They are in good shape and this is what stimulates them to be active. They could compete with younger friends and co-workers when it comes to ingenuity.

They make all the efforts to keep up with their professional activity because they don’t really feel the effects of aging.

Fire  (Feb. 09, 1986 – Jan. 28, 1987)

The Fire Tiger find themselves in creative adulthood. Their worth is being recognized and they are proposed for positions where they could guide and help those that are at the beginning of their careers.

They could take advantage of some collateral studies themselves. In order to feel complete on a personal level, they could get involved in new activities and projects that may be pretty different from their activity so far.

Their social lives tend to be intense as many want to get inspiration from their activity and experience; their magnetism draws many people around them. They might find good friends now.

Earth  (Jan. 28, 1998 – Feb. 15, 1999)

For the Earth Tigers, the year of the Pig may be a time when they get to accomplish many of their dreams. They could get proposed for or promoted to positions that are close to what they are dreaming about.

They receive some interesting offers for changing their workplace.

Not a few would start an activity on their own. Their experience and ideas could also be well appreciated on a financial level; they should seek out ways to express their interests.

Metal  (Feb. 17, 1950 – Feb. 05, 1951)

•  The Metal Tigers have many ambitions both on the professional and the personal level. They are attracted to and they can get noticed at training courses.

They manage to polish their talents and abilities. They add a lot of passion to what they are doing and get excited over every opportunity to prove their progress.

Financially, 2020 is going to be good for them; they could earn unexpected gains. There might be significant earnings for those living off their talents or abilities.

Water  (Feb. 05, 1962 – Jan. 24, 1963)

The Water Tigers are having a very good year for personal development. Training and practice help them improve their abilities and skills, helping them take some great steps forward.

It would be better to ask the advice of an experienced person to help them find the right methods to study and practice. Without being serious about it, some could discover now a new talent or vocation.