Rabbit Horoscope 2020

According to Chinese Astrology, the years of the Rabbit are 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, and 2023. The Rabbit and the pig have compatible vibrations, so 2020 is going to be a good time for you. From the Chinese zodiac, we learn that the year 2023 will be represented by the Water Rabbit. Find out what the Chinese horoscope 2023 predicts.

If they want to obtain the achievable maximum, all they have to do is give up their well-known indecision and take action.

2020 equals luck. At least, this will be the case for the natives born under the Rabbit.

You will encounter plenty of favorable opportunities, and you will be completely infused with positivity and well-being.

You will be awarded for all the good deeds you’ve done so far, and these benefits will also be present in your professional life, where your colleagues and your bosses will give you more attention than usual.

Money and career

Last year they had the chance of having their professional value recognized, of get noticed. In 2020  , they can have their dreams of advancing in their careers fulfilled.

Having a sociable and loyal nature, they inspire reliability in their superiors which makes them recommendable for promotions.

During the previous year, in their professional life, they had the chance of meeting people in important positions in partner or competitor companies.

Now, those that are more ambitious or those that think their current workplace no longer offers them the perspectives they wish they had, can take advantage of these acquaintances who can recommend them for a new position in the companies they are working for.

The Rabbit receives support for their projects, especially on a professional level. So, it would be good for them to set their plans straight and present them with confidence to people that could help them.

They should only be a little more selective in their relationships, otherwise, they risk being overwhelmed by social life and having less time for personal projects.

They are going to be in the company of people that know their potential and that are able to stimulate their ambition and their desire to act.

Financially, there is not much to complain about. Their professional evolution is also completed by an important money bonus. Those that work independently are recommended and can increase their customer number.

They can increase their income by raising their rates or charges for the services they offer. They can also protect their interests better by joining unions or suited associations.


The emotional level also looks good. Depending on what’s the case, they could now (especially in March, April, September, and October) find their half, take decisions regarding living as a couple or make other long-term projects.

Those whose relationships have been deteriorating during the last years can now find common ground and understanding with their partners.

Socially, they are liked for their humane qualities and appreciated for their principles. They rarely do something alone or out of their own initiative.

 Health predictions

Also, health-wise things are going great, however, there is a risk of some accidents, so your attention should be increased in this regard. In terms of the couple’s life, 2020 is going to be tempting for you. However, try to appreciate what you already have and don’t hurt your life partner.

Chinese New Year celebration

Lucky colors in 2020 for the Rabbit natives: blue turquoise, red carmine (elements – Water and Fire), but also green

What to wear: Green, blue or purple outfits are recommended for the Rabbit natives to wear in the evening between the years. Accessorize your clothes with massive bracelets, and luck will not be missing from your life.


In Chinese astrology, the OX animal sign is associated with one of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold (Metal), and Water.

Fire (Jan. 29, 1987 – Feb. 16, 1988):

The Fire Rabbit can continue both their professional and personal lives at high levels.

If they want to and if they have projects, they manage to gather around them a group of people together with whom they could obtain remarkable professional results. Some problems or the desire to change or improve their living condition may appear.

Those that are retired think about and even manage to move to the countryside or to a place they are fond of. They get involved in an intense activity next to younger members of their families.

Those that alone decide to actually get together with someone they have recently met. They are attracted by the idea of being more actively involved in the events organized by their communities.

Those with a more active nature even receive invitations and opportunities to continue their professional activity.

Earth  (Feb. 16, 1999 – Feb. 04, 2000)

The Earth Rabbits have good chances regarding their social lives and this also means receiving or getting some administration positions.

They are popular and they manage to get support from people of various social statuses or orientations.

They are making long-term plans because they feel they have maximum strength and they also have vast experience. It tome for new projects, so those who feel like they are not supported enough by their current companies have great chances of finding some important people who may be interested in their plans.

The part which could be more sensitive is represented by the spending they would have to do in order to fulfill their dreams.

Metal  (Feb. 06, 1951 – Jan. 26, 1952)

The Metal Rabbits have multiple chances on the professional level.

Their social skills could prove their worth  (especially during the last couple of spring months and the first two months of autumn): they have the support of the majority whenever free jobs for higher positions appear.

However, it cannot be said that they are going to be promoted by default; they must express their desire of occupying those free positions.

Water  (Jan. 25, 1963 – Feb. 12, 1964):

The Water Rabbits have great communication and persuasion skills and they are open to social relationships.

Their popularity and persistence, together with the favorable influence of the year of the pig 2019, could bring upon them the closeness and the support of people in higher positions.

They start thinking about ambitious plans. The financial level is good and there is going to be some extra money from their professional activity. Paradoxically, this might make them lose their balance; it would be a good thing to keep some of these earnings for less favorable periods.

Many of them feel it is time to become parents. They spend a lot of time and energy on family-related activities.