Goat Horoscope 2020

 According to the Chinese Astrology, the years of the Goat are: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027. The Goat should be the favorite of the zodiac in 2020. Things seem to be extremely bright in this year.

 Money and career

2020 has many opportunities for professional growth. The most significant ones are in June, July, September and October.

The professional experience gained over the last perood is proving its worth now: they are the most suited candidates for positions that become available now.

Most likely, these opportunities appear within the organization that they work for: administrative reorganizations, the foundation of new departments.

This time frame is prone to goals and objectives analysis, balance and recalibration.

By doing this with their inborn objectivity and seriousness, they prepare themselves for  big opportunities.

They have to face some extra tasks which require acquiring and deepening new knowledge. Taking some professional courses or individual study are some activities that will soon prove their value.

They will make progress on the financial level, especially through bonuses obtained due to their professional results.
On the other hand, it would be a good thing to save some money for next year too because by then they will want to make some important changes in their lives and they will need funds.

The Goat natives have the opportunity to meet many new people and to start a relationship if they are still single.

Discretion is the keyword , both in terms of career and couple life. Do not venture in risky investments and try to pay more attention to your life partner.

There are no spectacular changes . It is rather a preparation year for the next one. But precisely this preparation is important. It is good to spend some time on themselves.

They need time to relax, to rest, to meditate. It’s true that their principle is that only through hard work can you achieve something in your life.

But it is important that this work is correctly organized and redirected. And the time spent relaxing and in meditation over themselves and their future could help them analyze themselves more objectively so that they could paint a better image on how to improve their individual performances.

The Goat is the man of routines, of the solid habits that have results. This is the best time to lucidly analyze these habits and select truly efficient ones.


On the emotional level, this is not quite the perfect time to find their match. It is rather a time when the stability of their relationships, if they are not very old, is being tested.

One of the partners is going through hard times; now they can see how much is the other one willing to do or give to support their partner.

The social level is favored . The Goat could find more than relaxation in the company of their friends: they could finally find some relationships that may get tighter and that could become very advantageous for both parts on the intellectual, and even on the social and professional level.


In 2020, in terms of health, things are not bad, but there is a predisposing to different accidents, so keep your sense of self-preservation sharp.

Chinese New Year celebration

Lucky colors  : white, Prussian blue (elements – Metal and Water), red

What to wear : The Goat natives are original by nature, so on New Year’s Eve, they should really try their best if they want to look good and attract luck.

Long dresses or black shirts, combined with accessories in bright red shades are recommended for these natives.


Metal  (Feb. 15, 1991 – Feb. 3, 1992)

Metal Goats are favored on a professional level. Their responsibilities diversify and they need to broaden the range of their skills and competencies. They show interest in training or refresher courses which make them see new horizons.

The financial level is also favored: they enjoy all sorts of bonuses, earnings, gifts. Those that make a living by using their talents or their personal skills, abilities might also increase their income substantially.

Water  (Feb. 5, 1943 – Jan. 24, 1944)

Water Goats will have in 2020  great chances of affirmation on the professional level: they are given important, stimulating and well-paid tasks and positions. A position that they were expecting for a long while may be made available.

They are very attached to their families and they have many satisfactions and moments of relaxation with their loved ones. The time spent with their families helps them recharge their batteries unexpectedly well.

Wood (Jan. 24, 1955 – Feb. 11, 1956)

Wood Goats and that are still at the beginning of their careers have some remarkable chances on the professional level. There are all sorts of ways to increase their experience so that  2020 could bring them an interesting promotion.

Those that believe that they are not being on the right professional track, have many “signs” and chances for a professional reorientation that could bring them nice perspectives.

Earth  (Jan. 28, 1979 – Feb. 15, 1980)

• For the Earth Goat, 2020 is the time when their vast experience can be appreciated and highlighted at its best.

It is not too late to apply for a job that motivates them more. However, it is very important for them to spend some time with themselves and with their families. They now have the possibility to set some new plans and perspectives for the following years.