Characteristics of chinese animal signs

According to the Chinese Astrological System, each year begins early in the calendar year on a new moon and is associated with one of the twelve animals. Their qualities “animate” the year and flavour it with their distinct natures. So what is your animal sign ? Read on to find out.

RatRat is clever, charming and true to the one he loves. A social animal and is most alert at night. Famous Rats include: Shakespeare, Mozart, Winston Churchill, and George Washington.
OxOx are born leaders, calm and patient and very hardworking. They are also very stubborn people that once their mind is made up there is no changing. Examples of Famous Oxs include: Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, Napolean, Vincent Van Gough, Walt Disney and Richard Nixon.
TigerTiger is a very warm loving person, sensititive and capable of loving but is also rather fierce on the inside. And do not take "no" for an answer. Famous Tigers include: Stevie Wonder, Jodie Foster, Marco Polo and Marilyn Monroe.
RabbitRabbits are socialable, affectionate, loving and also a rather peaceful person. But they have great ambitions hidden on the inside and only their close friends will know. Famous Rabbits include : Wesley Snipes, Rudolph Nureyev, Confucius, Orson Welles and Einstein.
DragonThey are very judgemental and then to think before they speak. They also likes to be the centre of attraction. Their generosity knows no bounds. Famous Dragons include: Lenny Kravitz, Keanu Reeves, Joan of Arc, Pearl Buck and Sigmund Freud.
SnakeSnakes are charming and sophisticated and elegant. Snakes are also philosophical and are wise beyond their years. They can also be vengeful when their territory is invaded. Famous Snakes include: John F. Kennedy, Brad Pitt, Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln.
HorseHorse can be quite entertaining in social situations. On the other hand, they can also be selfish and rebellious, proud and confident. Famous Horses include : Clint Eastwood, Denzel Washington, Rembrandt, Chopin, Davy Crockett, Teddy Roosevelt.
GoatThe Goat is artistic, elegant and creative. People born in the Year of the Goat are also well mannered and charming. They love to be loved. But sometimes are eccentric. Famous Goats inlcude : Mel Gibson, Pamela Anderson Lee, Nicole Kidman, Michelangelo, Rudolph Valentino, Mark Twain and Orville Wright.
MonkeyMonkeys are intelligent and cunning and due to their youthful nature and magnetic personality, Monkeys are always well liked by others. They also love freedom. Famous Monkeys include : Tom Hanks, Timothy Leary, Danny DeVito, Julius Caesar, Leonardo da Vinci, Harry S. Truman and Elizabeth Taylor
RoosterRoosters are hard workers, shrewd and definite in their decision making and often speaking their mind out loud. They may appear to be boastful and have a great taste for fashion and extravagance. They are also courgeous and has a keen sense. Famous Roosters include: Jason Priestly, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Will Smith, Rudyard Kipling, Caruso, Groucho Marx and Peter Ustinov.
DogPeople born in the Year of the Dog are faithful and devoted and will not let you down. They are honest and trustworthy to those they love. Famous Dogs include : David Bowie, Naomi Campbell, Judy Garland, Socrates, George Gershwin, Benjamin Franklin, Herbert Hoover and David Niven.
PigPeople born under the Pig are wonderful companions. They are intellectuals with a strong need to set difficult goals and carry them out. They are also tolerant, sincere and honest but they expect too much from others and can at times be too naive and too sensitive. They also quest for material possessions and this can be their downfall. They are also friendly. Famous Pigs include : Danny Glover, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Woody Allen, Albert Schweitzer and Ernest Hemingway.