Flying Stars 2021 – explanations and Feng Shui remedies

To have enough time and to be able to make the necessary changes, we will present right below the influence of the Flying Stars in 2021 – the Year of the Metal Ox. The Kua number of 2021 is 6-White.

The chart of the 2021 Flying Stars can help you in many ways:

  • Do you want to know if you should buy/rent a property – whether you are going to do well in the new location or not?
  • You will be able to schedule the changes in your company to be more successful. You will enjoy higher profits and encounter fewer problems.
  • You will understand how everything evolves in terms of finances, love, health, luck, and your life, in time.

For 2021, the year of the Metal Ox starting on February 12 of 2021, and ending on January 31, 2022, the chart of the Flying Stars is as follows:

Lo Shu Square 2021

To fully take advantage of the positive energies, and to eliminate the negative energies from the house or office, this chart should be placed on the house or workplace plan, and the rooms or zones corresponding to favorable elements must be amplified with remedies that are characteristic to the star.

The influence of the negative stars can also be diminished with some distinct remedies.

How to use the Flying Stars in 2021?

1. Draw the plan of your house or workplace.

2. Use a compass to determine the cardinal points of this plan.

3. Divide the plan of your house or workplace into nine squares, like in the chart of the 2021 Flying Stars above.

4. The 2021 Flying Stars chart above is drawn with the South up, not with the North as we are used to.

5. Overlap the chart of the 2021 Flying Stars over your house/workplace plan, so that the South is over the South.

6. See what Flying Star you have in each room.

7. Buy the Feng Shui remedies corresponding to each Flying Star and place them in the associated room.

Activating the Flying Stars

In Feng Shui, each space is unique, and following exact measurements and mathematical calculations, you can determine the positive and negative energies of a place.

With the help of Feng Shui remedies, you can control and eliminate the negative energy of the Flying Stars 2, 3, 5, and 7, to create welcoming and active spaces, so that your health, finances, and relationships to be thriving.

As a general rule, before activating the Flying Stars with positive energy, we need to dissolve the negative energy of the adverse Flying Stars 2, 3, 5, 7, and 9, and we recommend you to do this no later than January 10, to enter into the new energy with full protection.

With the help of the Feng Shui activators, we can amplify the positive energy of the Flying Stars 1, 4, 6, and 8, and we can create spates with outstanding Feng Shui.

How to Read a Flying Star Chart?

Positive areas in 2021:

West – Flying Star 8 – Wealth Energy

The white Flying Star 8 of prosperity brings wealth in 2021 in the western area of the living space, and this will be especially beneficial for the Chinese zodiac signs of Dog and Pig, the fathers of the families, and the business leaders (both males and females).

It brings material and financial prosperity, perseverance, generosity, diligence, vitality, and authority, and the concern to increase the quality of life.

The charitable activities are in concordance with the vibration of the Flying Star 8. The more generous we are, the easier we will get more money back.

Feng Shui activators to initiate the wealth energy brought by Flying Star 8:

  • – 6 Chinese coins
  • – Lock coin amulet
  • – Plum blossom amulet
  • – Ru Yi
  • – Golden happy Buddha
  • – Monkey on horse
  • – Golden Feng Shui elephant
  • – Tree of wealth


South – Flying Star 1 – The energy of success

Flying Star 1 with positive energy focuses on the North-Eastern zone of the working or living spaces. In 2021, this white star of victories will help the people born in the Rat and Tiger signs, the young sons of the families, the young men (20-30 years old).

This year, the Flying Star 1 brings unexpected benefits in personal development for those who use the south area of the building (office, bedroom, lobby, living room, main door), and for those who have the main door facing south.

Let’s choose wisely when its best to launch new projects and enjoy as much as possible out family life.

Feng Shui activators that increase the energy of the Flying Star 1:

  • – Victory flag
  • – Golden happy Buddha statuette
  • – Golden or white elephant with the trunk up
  • – Victory horse
  • – 6-metal rod wind chime
  • – Dragon Tortoise with Ru Yi or Ru Yi


East- #4 Annual Star

In 2021, the green Flying Star 4 brings the energy of love and creativity in the eastern part of the work and living places.

The green star of academic luck or the star of romance will especially help the people born under the Goat and Monkey signs and the mothers and grandmothers of the families.

The favorable energy of Flying Star 4 will manifest by bringing luck in love, marriage proposals, and success in sentimental affairs.

In 2021, love for nature, beauty, tradition, and authenticity will prevail.

The marriage proposals will be plentiful this year, but chances of success will have only the relationships based on love, truth, and mutual respect.

Feng Shui activators that increase the love energy of Flying Star 4:

  • – Pair of mandarin ducks, the symbol of happy couples
  • – Amethyst Crystal Tree
  • – Horus eye tree for divine protection
  • – Double happiness, successful marriage
  • – Pair of mandarin ducks and double happiness
  • – Pair of peacocks for fertility
  • – Good luck horseshoe with phoenix and dragon for harmony and balance in the couple

Centre- #6 Annual Star

The Flying Star 6 brings the energy of luck in 2021, which will be in the center of the work and living places.

The white star of divine luck will favor the people born in the Dragon and Snake signs, and the big daughters of the families.

It will bring financial luck, chances to gain money and a better life, creative ideas, unexpected luck, and divine protection.

Enterprising and hardworking women will have luck on their side. The ideals can be reached, and practical sense and solutions will occur unexpectedly.

The energy of divine luck is protected by number 6, which has significant importance in our universe.

The year 2021 will teach us that we don’t have to struggle to make money, but we rather need to connect to the best energies of the universe and use them wisely for the greater good.

Feng Shui activators that amplify the energy of luck brought by Flying Star 6:

  • – 6 or 8-metal rod wind chime
  • – 6 Chinese coins
  • – Lock coin amulet
  • – Plum blossom amulet
  • – Ru Yi
  • – Golden happy Buddha
  • – Monkey on horse
  • – Golden Feng Shui elephant
  • – Vase of prosperity

Northeast- #9 Annual Star

The Flying Star 9 of future prosperity can either have a positive or negative significance. It can bring the energy of multiplication in the North area of the house or office.

In 2021, all the people born under the Rooster sign will beneficiate from this energy, as well as the small daughters (the last girl born) of the families, and young women (18-25 years old).

In 2021, it is auspicious to use rooms (bedroom, office, living room) that are placed in the North area to activate the benefic energy of the Flying Star 9.

Let’s escape the daily routine to create something pleasant for those around us. Beware of temptations; infidelity is sanctioned by stars in 2021. The Flying Star 9 makes communication important to the detriment of impulsiveness.

Feng Shui activators to amplify the energy brought by Flying Star 9 in 2021:

  • – Stupa of abundance
  • – 3 Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon to attract luck
  • – Lock coin amulet to protect against financial loss
  • – Plum blossom amulet for harmony, fulfillment
  • – Amethyst crystals tree for balance and harmony
  • – 3 stones of wishes or 3 golden ingots/ nuggets to dissolve bad luck
  • – 5-color 5 element pagoda to attracts stability
  • – Tree of life

Negative areas in 2021

Southeast (bad luck and sickness star) – #5 Annual Star

The yellow Flying Star 6 with adverse energy that attracts bad luck in all domains of life, such as love, career, finances, and health, reaches the South sector of the living and working places. The disadvantaged will be those who have placed the main door, bedroom, or office in the South area of the building.

The Flying Star 5 affects the people born under the Year of the Rabbit and the older sons of the families (the first male child born in a family).

The influence of the energy brought by the Flying Star 5 in the health sector (the South part of the buildings) can manifest under the form of severe sickness, lethargy, lack of appetite, unjustified spending for health (buying inefficient or expensive medicine, inappropriate therapists, etc.).

Healing is possible only if the causes of the sickness are understood, and action is taken to eliminate them.

Activating intuition is also recommended since the Flying Star 5 also brings healing potential if proper measures are taken.

Emotionally and mentally, the vibration of Flying Star 5 brings misunderstandings, confusion, so it would be good to discuss any issues with the life partner and to enjoy the family life.

Feng Shui remedies to dissolve the negative energy of Flying Star 5:

  • – The golden happy Buddha eliminates the negative energy
  • – The 5-element pagoda with the tree of life will prevent disasters and attract success
  • – The 5-element pagoda dissolves the energy of sickness and emotional suffering
  • – The medicine Buddha for mental and emotional healing
  • – Wu Lou with 8 immortals for improving health

North (Sickness star) – #2 Annual Star

The negative energy of the Flying Star 2 makes us prone to sickness, lethargy, emotional issues, depression, loneliness, sadness, problems of socialization, and distress.

This year, each of us will need to determine where we make mistakes and what needs to be corrected in terms of relationships.

The Flying Star 2, the black star of sickness, will mainly influence those who have the bedroom, the main door, or the office on the Northside of a building.

The North corresponds to the Horse sign, the middle daughters of the families, and women between 30-45 years old, therefore they can expect some problems. It is recommended to adopt a healthy lifestyle and a positive mentality.

Avoid unpleasant situations and negative discussions as much as possible. Digestive problems, predisposition to gaining weight from stress, and muscular spasms could also occur.

If the main door of a house is facing the South, all the residents risk encountering such issues, which is why blocking the adverse negative with adequate Feng Shui remedies is very important.

This year, for those who are affected by the energy of the Flying Star 2, the star of sickness, it is not recommended to undergo surgeries; check your health state more often, improve your lifestyle and diet to avoid issues.

Feng Shui remedies against the energy of Flying Star 2 in 2021 for placing in the North area:

  • – Metal Wo Lou for health
  • – 5 Crystal Wu Lou Amulets and Pi Yao for protection against sickness
  • – 6-metal rod wind chime
  • – Medicine Buddha brings harmony
  • – 6 golden happy Buddha attract happiness
  • – The 5-element pagoda or the 5 elements plaque will lock bad luck and diseases
  • – Stupa attracts fortune and divine protection
  • – 6 golden ingots or 6 Chinese coins – unexpected help
  • – The golden Feng Shui elephant is a symbol of longevity and vitality

Southwest (Disputes and legal issues) – #3 Annual Star

The jade-green Flying Star 3 of negative energy will reach in 2021 the South-West part of the spaces and will influence the people born in the year of the Rat, the middle sons of a family, and the middle-aged men (30-45 years). In the house of career, salary payment issues and unnecessary expenses for professional training are likely to occur.

Choose wisely! Avoid stubbornness, excessive pride, communication problems at work and issues with the co-workers (sentimental complications), aggression, lack of productivity and objectivity, gossip, trouble with the superiors, predisposition to exaggerate, arrogance, envy, backstage games, power struggle, disloyal competition, manipulation, etc.

Don’t use the South-West area of the buildings to avoid activating the energy of aggression and anger.

Success in the career can be improved by discussing with the life partner the professional issues so that we can discover new points of view and solutions.

Calm, caution, wisdom, and diplomacy are highly recommended to prevent conflicts with superiors and co-workers.

Feng Shui remedies in the northern areas to remove the aggression energy in 2021:

  • – Keyring or pendant with the stone of desire
  • – Crystal apple, red glass apple for peace
  • – Pink quartz mandarin ducks amulet, a symbol of pure love
  • – Red mystic knot to eliminate the conflict energy
  • – HUM syllable on Pink lotus to attract success

Northwest- #7 Annual Star

The red Flying Star charged with negative energy that brings trouble in 2021 will position itself in the North-West area of the offices or houses.

The unpropitious influence of the theft star will affect all of us in 2021, regardless of the status or zodiac signs. Therefore, we all have to take as many precautions so we can prevent the inconveniences caused by accidents, thefts, money loss, etc.

This year, let’s try to adapt to the new conjectures and sudden situation changes. Sentimentally, there are temptations, and nothing will be the same as before.

Under no circumstances is it advisable to borrow money this year.

The supreme test in 2021 is greed. Temptations full of traps will occur, which is why you need to stay lucid, and to ask for the advice of the specialists before signing anything. Drive safely and avoid night rides on dubious, side roads.

Useful Feng Shui remedies to eliminate the energy of loss brought by Flying Star 7 (one or more) presented below:

  • – Happy Buddha with Red Garment to dissolve the energy of aggression
  • – Blue rhinos and elephants to eliminate the risk of accidents
  • – Hand of Fatima wind chimes to attract divine protection
  • – Blue dragon to prevent the risk of financial loss
  • – Mandarin ducks to attract love and to eliminate the energy of infidelity
  • – Horus eye tree to increase divine fortune
  • – Lapis, obsidian, sodalite spheres to eliminate the risk of theft
  • – Double happiness for successful relationships

Annual afflictions for 2021:

Grand Duke Tai Sui Northeast. In 2021, the ruling Tai Sui is general Yang Xin.

Feng Shui rules to maintain a good relationship with Tai Sui (Duke of Jupiter) in 2021:

– the location occupied by Tai Sui in 2021 should not be perturbed by the noise caused by renovations, digging, quarrels, or loud music – facing the North-East direction is forbidden, even if this is one of the favorable directions, according to the Kua number.

– the ideal position is with the back at the North-East direction to receive protection from the Duke of Jupiter in 2021.

Feng Shui remedies to maintain a good relationship with Tai Sui in 2021:

– Place in the North and in the opposite sector a Pi Yao statuette to prevent bad luck, and the sickness Tai Sui can attract in case the above rules are not respected.

  • – Tai Sui 2021 plaque
  • – Pi Xie
  • – Tai Sui 2021 plaque for travel

The Three Killings

In 2021, which is governed by the Metal Ox zodiac sign, the Three Killings affect the East area.

In the Feng Shui of Flying Stars, the name of Three Killings derives from the fact that their negative energy manifests as three major misfortunes: sickness, money loss, and the loss of the loved one.

Mainly, the energy of the Three Killings will affect the Snake, Horse, and Goat astrological signs.

Feng Shui remedies that block the negative energy of the Three Killings in 2021: Ksitigarbha Statuette; Fu Dogs; Pi Yao; Chi Lin; the 3 heavenly guardians (statuette, plaque, keyring); Coin sword; Feng Shui Stupa.