Feng Shui 2021 Horoscope and Remedies

The Chinese zodiac sign governing the year 2021 is the Metal Ox. Although the Feng Shui experts are circumspect regarding the fortune of those born under the Ox sign in the year under its very symbol, there are many favorable auspices for them in 2021, as well as for their allies born under the Rat, Dragon, and Rooster signs.  

Each Chinese year has its characteristics, and therefore, some Feng Shui aspects will change. Here are a few tips to attract luck in the Metal Ox Year:

  1. Wear white or blue accessories or clothes.
  2. Wear gold, silver, or metal jewelry. Gold will attract prosperity.
  3. Clean! Clean houses attract prosperity.
  4. On the night of New Chinese Year, place on the table twelve types of fruit, especially round. Cua claims that each fruit has particular features. The apples signify harmony, the oranges attract money, bananas mean closeness between the family members, pomelo purports family health, mango indicates wealth, and the lemons ward off bad luck. 
  5. Don’t place yellow, orange, or pink elements, which signify fire, in the center of the house.
  6. If you want to attract love, place red roses in the western corner of the house on every Friday. 

Love & Feng Shui

However, it is very likely that due to the negative energies in your home, you have not yet been able to find your partner.

The steps and remedies below can help you get rid of these negative energies and enjoy a harmonious couple relationship.

Try to place pairs of décor objects and accessories not only in the bedroom but in the whole house (two candle holders, two flower vases of the same size, etc.).

In the bedroom, the bed should not touch the wall. Instead, it should be framed by two nightstands.

Throw away or pack and store in other spaces all the objects representing one person image or one animal.

Whether it is your mother’s picture, your dog, or the painting of a horse, they should not be placed in the bedroom.

Replace them with a representation of a couple, or with the image of two animals, preferably two mandarin ducks or two peacocks.

Dragon and Phoenix – for lasting love.

An amulet or statuette of a Dragon and Phoenix placed in the south-west of the house can bring you a happy marriage, blessed with success and prosperity.

Special Amulets for Finding Love

The remedies for love should not be placed only in the house. You can carry them with you wherever you go, and they can emphasize your charm.

Business Success and Money

In 2021, there is a lot of fortune and hidden potential for enrichment for those who are looking for it.

A powerful method to reach this fortune and hidden potential is to have harmonious relationships with the people around you.

5 Lucky Coins Amulet for Money and Wealth

This Feng Shui amulet reunites remarkable protection symbols against financial loss. The five coins represent perfection, good luck in becoming wealthy, and protection from the Grand Duke of Jupiter (the god of wealth).

Each coin manifests through different symbols, which increases the amulet’s energetic value.

Horse Statuette or Painting

Since the horses are a symbol of authority, resistance, and perseverance, they are considered auspicious in Feng Shui, and they allow the owner to jump over any life obstacle.

In Feng Shui, the Horse is a popular figure that can be seen in many homes. The paintings or statuettes can often be seen in many houses throughout Asia.

The Horse represents success, power, loyalty, victory, and trust, and its presence in the house or at the office will increase the abilities of the members of the house who are born in the Horse year.

Sometimes, birds can be noticed at their hooves, showing that the Horse can gallop at the same speed as the flying birds, and it represents quick achievement.

The Horse of Victory is preferred by business people or by those who want to climb the career ladder, as it is an illustration of quick success and fame.

Lucky Colors

The lucky colors recommended this year are white, blue, gray, and gold. To increase your luck, you can wear wooden pendants, and necklaces, or beads of different stones, which you can match to your outfit.

The lucky numbers for this year are 7, 13, 24, 29, and 46.

Avoid fire colors (red, purple, bright yellow, magenta, and orange), and also the colors of the earth element (all the sand and earth tones).

You should also avoid any fire shapes (triangular), and fire items (candles).

Flying Stars in the Metal Ox Year of 2021:

In terms of Feng Shui Flying Stars, the current 20 years period is called “The Era of 8”, and this number represents the Mountain trigram, and also, it is a symbol for small children.

The 8 number, representing children, will always be present in the diagram center of the Flying Stars during these 20 years, from 2004 to 2024.

Therefore, it is always important to pay attention to the safety and wellness of the children during this 8 period.

Positive areas in 2021:

  • West- #8 Annual star
  • South – #1 Annual star
  • East- #4 Annual star
  • Centre- #6 Annual star
  • Northeast- #9 Annual star

Negative areas in 2021

  • Southeast (bad luck and sickness star) – #5 Annual star
  • North (Sickness star) – #2 Annual star
  • Southwest (Disputes and legal issues) – #3 Annual star
  • Northwest- #7 Annual star

The year 2021 will take shape around the physical and financial safety. The fate of the whole world will be tempered by the awareness of the real dangers, caused both by natural disasters and humankind.

Fortunately, the Monkey year predictions confirm that the global disorder that has started last year will not continue in 2021.

The Metal element is very powerful in the Ox year, and the men will be more authoritarian, and make important decisions at work.

The zodiac signs will be differently influenced, but each danger can be avoided if you protect yourself with Feng Shui remedies, and luck and chance can be embraced and intensified through activators.

Recommended remedies and activators for each sign


Dear Rat, the year 2021 is very good in terms of career, and it will offer many opportunities for the people born under this zodiac sign. However, Cua warns that there are risks of theft or betrayal. To prevent them, wear magic eye talismans or blue rhinos.


This is a very auspicious year for the Ox, especially after September. To increase your luck, wear Wu Lou or Arowana symbols.


For the Tiger, 2021 can be a year of conflict with the Metal Ox. Those born under this sign are advised not to be aggressive, and to wear Feng Shui symbols such as rhinos and elephants.


This is a good year for the Rabbits. They are advised to be more incisive in their career or business. For luck, it is recommended to wear Feng Shui symbols such as Pi Yoa and doctor Buddha.


The year 2021 is triumphant for the Dragons. If you have any completions this year, you will win it without any problems. For luck, wear Feng Shui symbols such as the money frog and Wu Lou.


The Snakes are friendly with the Oxen. They will thrive and have luck on their side in 2021, both in career and in business. To attract luck, use Feng Shui symbols like the citrine tree and doctor Buddha.


This is going to be a very prosperous year for the people born under this zodiac sign. The Horse will be successful both professionally and sentimentally. To increase luck, wear Feng Shui symbols such as the three guardians – Pi You, Fu Dog, and Chi Lin.


This is a wonderful year for the Goats, especially in terms of career. For even more luck, Feng Shui symbols such as Kwan Yin and Fuk Luk Sau are ideal choices.


The Roosters will advance in their career, and they will get salary increases. They are advised to work and to refrain from being aggressive. For luck, the money frog and doctor Buddha are recommended.


The people born under the Dog sign are prone to quarrels that could bring them serious problems and bad luck. Being calm is more than necessary. To prevent incidents of any kind and to attract luck, they should choose Feng Shui symbols such as Wu Lou and laughing Buddha.


The Pigs will have a lucky fairy in 2021. A woman will always be by their side to help them. To increase luck, Feng Shui symbols such as rhinos, elephants, or the three guardians – Pi You, Fu Dog, and Chi Lin are ideal for them.