Chinese Love Horoscope 2020

Chinese New Year 2020 rolls its way through our lives, promising one of the most amorous years in a decade.

According to this yearly chinese astrology forecast, love has another level this year and for the decade to come.

Many people will chase will-o-the-wisps in the years ahead, and all of us will be a little more inclined to dream than to knuckle down and have those babies and build that backyard porch. So my advice to all young lovers is: be practical, too!

Lovers will sense it Valentine’s Day – a magic, an illusion-reality zeitgeist that makes love both entrancing and difficult to pin down.


Rat’s romantic luck soars until September. If a love attraction began last year, accept a temporary delay or separation until early April.

This “enforced breather” gives you time to listen to your instincts. If they say “get out,” then go!

By April, reasons to hesitate disappear: love marches swiftly to its destination! If you’re unattached, April through August could bring true love. Look for it in international zones or in centers of learning, travel, media, and law.

A serious flirtation occurs in February, probably at a social function. A scholar, traveler, professional, or foreign-born person rests their gaze on you.

In April, use your heightened charisma, energy and style to chase someone. August brings a tender physical affection toward someone who is very marriageable. October shows you an attractive person’s intense side.

From June through December, your limitations (temper, educational lack, an unsavory secret?) could threaten to undo a really special love.

Be honest, charitable, and realize the world owes you nothing – rather, you owe life. If you foster this attitude, love won’t leave you!


Nothing’s superficial in your love scene this decade for the Ox. You’ll experience mysterious attractions, powerful subconscious urges, and feelings of destiny.

In the midst of such depths it’s crucial to be morally upright. Strictly reject extra-marital situations.

They take far more from your heart – and your future happiness – than they give. This warning should stand in big bold red letters June through December, when your social life will be littered with temptation!

Handled honestly, sensual desires steer you into situations of domestic bliss now through August. (April-August is best.)

If you’re already married, your home life glows with prosperity and affection – pregnancy looms! If single, your nesting instincts blossom – invite your date home, use your culinary skills. Seek romance in parks, nature, cafes, gardens and farms, daycare centers.

September onward (into late 2021) brings one of the luckiest romantic runs in over twelve years!

The deeply sensual continues, but now affection, the sweet thrill of emotions, the dreams and sighs of love make your life magic!

Romance will be most intense May to mid-June, late August into September, and November (when intimacy surges).


Before September, at least two important short trips will bring you in contact with people who are potential mates – vivacious, lively, cheerful types.

(These types challenge you rather than hypnotize you – excitement, swiftness and verbal bantering rule the day, rather than syrupy, dreamy romance.)

Those who enter your life from mid-April through August are much better than those who enter pre-April.

You continue to be surprised at how stubborn, secretive, sensual, loyal and potentially vengeful special people (even those cheerful, lively ones) can be.

This gives you several “rules to success” in love:

1) if a person says no in the beginning, give up.

2) be loyal;

3) only bond with those who make you feel “sensually smooth” – if that kiss or embrace is awkward

You’ll be strongly attracted to co-workers – but I don’t recommend this.

Your best times for love are February (which lacks permanency) and April and June (when permanency is possible).

October might bring true, sweet love. November/December offer a volatile relationship.


By March the river of your emotions, which has traveled down the dark jungle rapids of lust, secrets and instability) for seven years, shoots free into a sunlit bay of calm waters.

You’ll feel cleaner, more alert, fresh and bright – and mellow. Your new mellowness attracts a deeply emotional person who senses your every thought and urge.

By June, you enter a two-year period in which marriage is very likely, if you’re single. If you’re married, your mate defers to your judgment.

Think twice, June to December, if you’re tempted to marry for ambition or status. These same six months, someone might pursue you with a light, quick, almost indirect assertiveness.

This person is gentle yet assertive, temperamental yet sympathetic, timid yet adventurous. He/she’s a dreamer of the first order, and could provide you with true, ecstatic love.

To succeed in love this year, avoid a deep, suffocatingly intimate approach. Steer instead toward entertainment, playing the field, having “dates.”

True love might come, even marriage, but your best choice will be met at a group function, and develop socially (at first!).


You could meet the love of your life this year. February brings someone challenging, witty and sensually appealing.

You could fall in love before you know it! But remember my earlier warnings – the best lovers enter after mid-April.

From this point on, through August, you can safely, with the cosmos’ blessing, plunge into one of the most thrilling romances of this (or any) decade!

All great passion entails great stakes. You’ll know the truth of this from June to December.

This long, powerful period can reshape your life in many ways. Single or married, you can be sexually attracted to a fire that burns hotter and hotter. Yet these flames dance so quickly you can’t quite catch them.

Take care that you don’t self-immolate in a furnace of desire. If you’re honest, and your love is too, this can be a time you’ll remember forever.

(For example, never again will you doubt your sexual prowess!) If you’re married, keep the fires burning at home – only!

June brings flirty joys, you’re “love’s favorite” in August, and December provides deep romantic tenderness.


Relationships? So what. Until September, you prefer quiet. Married or single, you’re more concerned with your security, home and family than with glitzy, embarrassing romantic chases.

But your cocoon won’t last, Snake! Even your yearning for contemplation and nostalgia seems to attract former flames: they re-appear in May and September.

In addition, others grow impatient with your retiring manner; they start to challenge, tease, oppose or chase you. Relationships become unpredictable.

From June to December, an atmosphere of intense desire swoops into your relations with others. If you’re married, these two influences can bring rejuvenation – or “divorce danger.” Protect your union by involving your spouse in a work project.

If you’re single, a fiery, complex, dreamy, swift, nervous and talkative person grabs your attention.

Powerful sexual and “destiny” forces move through this attraction – it could change your lifestyle, your family connections and your financial outlook.

It could also turn into a cruel clash of wills, or transform into a blessed union – diplomacy helps! Happily, September onward lifts your mood to cheerful and optimistic heights – which hints at a friendly, frolicking (lusty!) outcome.


Social joys rule, Horse! Until late August, you’ll meet a variety of viable partners at parties, political or corporate meetings, educational seminars, etc. (The best of these occur after mid-April.)

Lively discussions take place with a specials person in February. You could travel to meet someone attractive this month or in June

. March and April create tension on the home front, so be gentle if you’re married. You take the mating game seriously April through June – your romantic courage surges, as do prospects!

You might regret any sexual, intimate commitments you make during May, so let a lover wait this month – but keep your affection showing.

You’ll be attracted to a co-worker (or two!) from late June into December. Make sure this is love, not convenience, before you tie any serious knots.

If you’re married, your mate will struggle under a pile of work these six months – be patient and helpful.

From September into 2021 your mood turns inward. This is part of a long trend that is removing you from a hectic love scene, into a more “settling down” mode.


The year of Metal Rat 2020 belongs to you, Goat, at least in amorous terms. The period of deepest love in your life will occur in the last part of the year. (This could mean your present love will deepen, or that your as-yet unknown soul mate is struggling toward you, through time’s matrix of circumstances.)

But even now, March kicks off a seven-year phase of excitement and intensity in romance. (And ends seven years of domestic tension.)

June through December is likely to bring a classic love affair – passionate, romantic, and sensual.

Your amorous courage will be at a peak, your sense of adventure powerful. This affair might eventually flounder on the shores of money, or tear apart on the rack of jealousy. But it’s probably the best run of pure cupid you’ve had for forty years, so grab it and live!

The entire eight months from January through August favor a prestigious wedding. From September into 2021, your popularity soars.

You’ll be admitted to one or two new social circles (clubs, organizations, etc.) that will bless your life – and bring exciting flirtations. Accept all invitations!


The first eight months of 2020 favor love in all its forms, from teen romance to adult compassion, from wisdom to giggles.

The time is ripe for vows, proposals, meeting a sweetheart’s parents. Schools, foreign countries, law offices, philosophical forums, media outlets, libraries, art galleries, exhibitions, circuses, theatres – places of travel, learning and creativity – are your heart’s best hunting ground through August.

Before mid-April, be careful with love – make sure your own motives are pure and unselfish.

Your romantic potential surges in February – perhaps with someone you recently met at a work-related group function. April, June and August also ring the bell of love.

From September onward your mood turns ambitious – anyone who wants to woo you will have to keep up with your busy schedule, and live up to your new standards!

Until June, your age peers treat you with skepticism or aloofness – so aim older or younger.

Temper tantrums could end a romance June through December. Your fuse is shortest on the home front, yet that’s precisely where romance could thrive most, if you let it. Be gentle, Monkey!


Through August, your sensual side rises like a slow-motion tidal wave.

You’ll be attracted to people and situations that hold the seeds of a changed life (in family, financial, and other ways).

These changes, and the desires that propel them, can wreck havoc if you chase them before April 15, but can turn your life in a blessed, joyful new direction if they appear (and you give chase) from April 15 to September.

Obviously, timing’s important! So is morality – lust rules, so reject extra-marital temptations.

June begins a two-year phase during which relationships will grow more cautious and sober. You’ll have to display loyalty. You could well be dealing with your future spouse!

September into 2021 adds a mellow, understanding note to your personality. You’ll attract confidants and those who want to discuss the ways of the world, the meaning of life.

Among these is one who immediately “clicks” with you, and who starts to show a true passion for your presence.

You will find being with this person a light, oddly entrancing experience – and you might never want to leave!


Your marriage prospects have seldom been more bountiful, beautiful and lucky! I’ve been nagging you since 2018 to develop one special love (or at least, to leave yourself vulnerable to pleasure’s call).

If you did, you’ll start to harvest the rewards in 2020. Wait until April 15 onward to propose or accept, to seek a new life mate, choose between two people, or perform any crucial relationship action.

If you have to choose between two lovers, pick whoever first appeared/connected in a private, one-to-one way, rather than someone you met at a social function.

You might relocate this year due to love. Perhaps you’ll wed someone far away, or your spouse could receive transfer papers. Go – you’re primed to land in a lucky new place!

September into 2021 brings a fertile, sensual, and financially lucky note to established relationships.

Young couples could have a baby, etc. But if you’re seeking an honest, open, vibrant, egalitarian and lasting love, stick with someone you meet before September.

This month onward brings passion, intimacy and lust – things best practiced with someone you already know!


2020, from June onward, brings sharp contrasts in love. Your heart will grow more cautious and sober, yet your body more alert and sensual – in fact, it could be hard to slow you down June to December, when your assertiveness and magnetism heat to frying-pan temperatures!

From September onward, huge relationship opportunities will mix with fireworks, as your intensity sparks against someone’s cooler, friendly but philosophical approach to love.

Before September your heavy workload could lead to a co-worker affair – but you’ll do better to wait.

September into 2021 brings honorable, cheerful people, and adds a dash of luck to all relationships (even those fiery ones!). You could wed in a status-boosting way.

Your best times for love are: March, when you attract others easily; July, when romance is deep and loyal but moves more slowly than you would like; and October/November, when someone’s passion toward you is undeniable!