Year of the Tiger – 2023 Horoscope & Luck Predictions

The Tiger ranks third among the zodiac sign in Chinese Astrology. The recent years of the Tiger are 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, and 2022.

The 2023 Horoscope for Tigers looks promising since they will learn how to use their energy better and more effectively. You have a good chance of winning in 2023, you just have to try your luck. It can be a lottery ticket or an investment you make in something you have wanted for some time, in 2023 you are sure to be lucky and you will fulfill a big dream.


The Tigers have learned in recent years that their impulsive nature could sometimes lead to regrettable consequences.

In 2023, the Tigers will adopt a new strategy, and they will think twice before acting. This will strengthen the quality of their actions and, additionally, they will understand that anticipating and planning things is ultimately very beneficial for them.

The year 2023 is, therefore, a decisive year for you, Tiger, and you will start questioning yourself, and change your modus operandi, which could also lead to more confusion to those around you!

You will become more strategic and analytical in your approach, which will allow you to achieve your most daring goals this year.

Some of you may be somewhat disoriented with this new way of approaching things, which you will not manage perfectly at the beginning of the year. Rest assured, things will quickly turn to your advantage.


Career, Social Life, and Professional Development

In 2021, the Tigers will be more adventurous than ever in their professional life. They will have an impetuous desire to explore new territories and to have new professional experiences.

However, the 2021 Horoscope doesn’t indicate any real changes in the career of the Tiger. Rather, they will be in a state of observation and analysis, assessing their objectives. They will act with anticipation, preparing the ground for their plans.

Consequently, they will redouble their efforts, working harder than usual, more ambitious than ever. They will have the desire to concretize, to implement, and to carry out projects close to their hearts, and they find all the necessary resources to ensure their success.

At the end of the Water Rabbit Year 2023, the Tigers will finalize what needs to be done, and they will be very satisfied with the accomplished results.

Towards the end of the year or even at the beginning of 2023, their efforts will be rewarded, and this is the point when they can finally evolve and take a new step towards ascension.

Money and Finances

If, for example, you had any debts for the past two years, in 2023, you will finally succeed in paying them off.

This year, implementing and completing some big projects will bring you a lot of excitement, and you will be focused to act methodically and prudently, so you will not spend money irresponsibly.

This is not going to be a year for foolishness, but rather for maturity. So, your financial life will be stable in 2023.


The 2023 love horoscope for Tiger is much better than last year. After experiencing some sentimental and emotional disappointments, in 2023, the Tigers will get back on their feet.

Although your sign’s ruling planet is Venus, which will make you very charismatic and seductive, you will not abuse your charms to conquer, nor will you gather broken hearts. You are rather looking for a lasting commitment.

Also, you will be more selective with the people you meet, since flirting brings you no satisfaction. For you, love is always with a capital letter, the consuming passion that you dream of having in your life.

And this is likely to happen since there is a crucial meeting planned for you in 2023, a truly emotional upheaval.

For the Tigers who are already involved in a relationship, the year 2023 will also bring a lot of happy moments. Together with your partner, you will build, strengthen, and even formalize your relationship. 

Horoscope 2021 based on the Fixed Elements of the Chinese Zodiac Sign

Wood Tiger (1974)

In 2023, the Wood Tiger, who usually rushes headlong, will be a little more flexible and diplomatic. They will make sure to give themselves a little respite and let go of their feelings and emotions, rather than fight all the time.

Fire Tiger (1986)

This year, the Fire Tigers will not run out of energy! They will manage a multitude of activities at the same time, and they will be hyperactive and more ambitious than ever. In love, they will be passionate about their relationships, which will become even more intense in 2023. All the couples will enjoy a new burst of enthusiasm.

Earth Tiger (1938 and 1998)

If they’ve experienced obstacles in their professional or romantic life during the past years, in 2021, the Earth Tigers will feel more comfortable, fulfilled, and even more self-confident. Things will be easier, and everything will be more accessible. Take advantage of this period because happiness will knock on your door!

Metal Tiger (1950 and 2010)

In 2023, the Metal Tiger should get a well-deserved promotion at work. Your proficiency will determine the superiors to entrust you with new responsibilities, something you’ve dreamed about for a long time. You won’t disappoint them in your new tasks and functions, and you will work with even more optimism.

Water Tiger (1962)

2023 will be a particularly difficult year for some of the Water Tigers. You will constantly have the feeling that you are swimming in murky waters, and your emotions are unclear, ambiguous. You will find yourself in awkward situations, unable to make decisions or commit yourself, whether it is your personal or professional life. 

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