Dragon Horoscope 2023: Feng Shui Predictions and Astrological Insights

The Snake is the sixth in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. The recent years of the Snake are 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, and 2013. The following year of the Snake will be 2025.

The love horoscope for 2023 advises Snakes in relationships or marriage to be cautious in the first quarter of the year, as arguments may arise. It is important to avoid bringing up past mistakes or intentionally hurting your partner’s ego, as this will only intensify conflicts.

During this time, the Snake may also experience an increase in expenses and a decrease in sources of income. It may not be the best time to expect big gains, but a job change or travel opportunity may increase earnings.

For those running a business or startup for more than three years, the hard work will likely pay off in 2023, with recognition and potential collaborations on the horizon. However, there may also be disagreements with bosses at a current job.

In June 2023,  the Snake should pay attention to their own and their children’s health and that of elderly loved ones. Regular check-ups should not be missed, and the elderly should try to reduce their dependence on medication as much as possible.


Attract Good Fortune and Prosperity with These Snake Feng Shui Remedies for 2023

Enhance the energy in your home and attract good luck, love, prosperity, and peace with our beautiful Feng Shui money tree, designed specifically for the Snake in 2023. Please place it in the living room or front of the house to balance and boost the yang energy in your space.

Consider adding our stunning snake statue with a golden ingot to your collection for even more wealth and financial luck. This powerful symbol will surely bring abundance and prosperity into your life during the Year of the Water Rabbit.


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This year, Water is the lucky element for Snakes, and the rules of feng shui say to place a vase of flowers, a seascape painting, or any other object that suggests water in the northern part of the house.

In addition to the previously mentioned items, several other must-have feng shui remedies and activators for the Snake in 2023 and beyond. A pair of mandarin ducks is said to bring love and happiness to your life, while two metal Wu Lou placed on either side of the bed can help to promote health and well-being.

Consider adding a money frog or prosperity vessel to your collection to attract wealth and abundance. And for recognition of your merits, success in business, and potential promotions, the victory horse is an excellent choice. These powerful feng shui remedies can help to bring balance, prosperity, and good fortune into your life.


Snake Career Horoscope for 2023

The Snake may face challenges in the third quarter of 2023 if involved in a family business or partnerships, as disputes may arise that could affect their enterprise. The Snake should avoid arguments with colleagues and meet deadlines to be appreciated professionally. However, it is also important not to become a workaholic, as this can lead to unnecessary stress.

For those running a business or startup for more than three years, the ongoing work will likely pay off in 2023, with recognition and potential collaborations on the horizon. However, there may also be disagreements with bosses at a current job.

This year may bring feelings of slow progress in earnings, but it is important not to compare oneself to others and to be grateful for what has been achieved. If considering a job change, the first half of the year may be a good time to do so, and venturing into new areas can bring excellent results.

It is important for the Snake to carefully consider any plans to start a business in 2023 with their spouse. The Chinese Horoscope suggests taking a thoughtful approach to ensure success in the professional sphere.


Maximize Your Financial Potential with the Snake Money Horoscope for 2023

Freelancers and businesspeople can expect an increase in earnings in the first quarter of 2023, although it may not be the best time to expand a business. 2023 may be an excellent time to make a big purchase, such as a car. However, it is important to be prepared for lack of financial support from family and to be self-sufficient.

Expenses may be high in the year’s first quarter, but there may also be opportunities for raises or increased earnings through job changes or travel abroad. In the second half of the year, there may be an increase in income for the Snake, with additional sources of income emerging after August. It is important to be mindful of unnecessary expenses but not to compromise too much on necessary items, such as a short trip for well-being.

Significant investments should be considered after the year’s second quarter, and it may be wise to avoid making significant decisions regarding property or family conflicts. Overall, Snake can expect a financially stable year with opportunities for growth and success.


As the Snake navigates the challenges of love in 2023, it is essential to remember that honesty and communication are key. Any secrets or hidden agendas can lead to conflicts and misunderstandings.

This year is a good time for single people to seek long-term relationships, while those in committed partnerships should focus on maintaining harmony and understanding. The middle of the year brings good opportunities for traveling as a couple and for married couples to strengthen their bond.

However, it is important to be mindful of the potential for interference from relatives and to handle any issues with discretion. Overall, the love horoscope for 2023 encourages the Snake to be open and honest in their relationships and to prioritize communication and understanding.

2023 Chinese Astrology Forecast for Snake Based on their Element

Wood Snake (1965)

In 2023, the Wood Snakes will regain their self-confidence. Their actions will be boosted by great motivation and determination to obtain the rewards they earned for all the efforts made in the past years. This year is promising, and they will not let anything or anyone make them self-doubt and stay in their way. Their determination is unyielding. 

Fire Snake (1977)

The Fire Snake will feel their wings growing in 2023, filled with tenacity and ready to take action. Despite their tendency to avoid exposure and the limelight, they will be determined to show their capabilities and prove themselves this year. Congratulations to all Fire Snakes on the start of a new year.”


Earth Snake (1989)


In 2023, the Snakes governed by the Earth element will get engaged. They will decide to make resolutions and capital decisions, whether it concerns professional, love, or family life, as their need for stability and security increases.  

Metal Snake (1941 and 2001)

In 2023, the Metal Snake is determined to prove their worth and succeed. They will be more confident in their abilities and willing to take risks to achieve their goals. The Snake’s belief in themselves will help them find the best path to success and maintain their authority.

Water Snake (1953 and 2013)

The Water Snakes will find the confidence to express themselves and showcase their skills in 2023. They may become more reckless, daring, stubborn, and courageous than usual unless they withdraw from others. This year, they will be able to chase away any doubts and become more extroverted successfully.