Chinese Horoscope 2023 – Year of the Rabbit

According to the Chinese calendar, 2023 is the year of the Water Rabbit and promises to be a lucky year, a year of a new cycle of a happy life. The emphasis will be on work and jobs, but here we must act fast since those working independently are more advantaged. The Chinese New Year will start on
January 22, 2023.
A magnificent comeback is announced after the eventful year of the Tiger. The year of the Rabbit warns us to seriously prepare for grandiose, joyful, monumental, extremely ambitious, and daring projects.
The Asian people consider it a good year for travel, giving birth to children, or launching a new business because the benevolent Rabbit brings a lot of fortune and happiness.
The Rabbit, according to Chinese astrology, represents the emblem of longevity. Also, the Rabbit symbolizes grace, good manners, sound counselling, kindness, and sensibility.

A person born under this sign will lead a peaceful life, generally, in a peaceful and harmonious environment. They like to be comforted, but sometimes they can be regarded as passive and shy.
Although the Rabbit is cautious, he has an artistic temperament and is very thorough. However, he is not exempt from being quiet, silent, sometimes sad and distant, or even indiferent to
his environment and peers.

Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Personality

The Rabbit’s character is prone to steer clear of emotional intimacy, preferring a quiet, business-as-usual environment of fine friendships over exciting romantic engagements.

Sophistication and finesse brighten this year ahead, as the tactful Rabbit trains persuading over forcing, pushing everybody into leniency and to the way of slightest reluctance.


A balanced, peaceful year, in which we still need to be prepared for any eventuality. Outstanding creativity and craftsmanship will emerge, and affluence to those ventures dealing with extravagance. Ballrooms, music studios, art centres, exhibitions, and theatres will experience an explosion in their popularity in 2023.

It is wise to be careful about passing up chances as the Rabbit might be hesitant, excessively wary and the first to flee away from a detected danger.

Chinese Horoscope 2023 for Each Zodiac Sign


The year 2023 of the Water Rabbit will be excellent, with outstanding business deals and chances in love. It will be a quiet year with financial gains or promotions. However, while his achievements will get recognition, he must pay attention to new friendships and associates that tend to take advantage of

Rat Horoscope 2023



Stubborn yet patient, the people born in the Ox sign are ready to fight against the flow. These skills will help them during the most challenging periods of the year. However, the first part of 2023 will bring professional issues that will reach their peak with some health-related concerns. The good news comes from the emotional sphere, where love and intimacy will bring a breeze of fresh air.

Ox Horoscope 2023


Unfortunately for them, the year 2023 will not bring the Tigers too many things to debate. Things are clear for them, so there will be no place for discussions. Their career will suffer a few attacks, but their love life will be calm and encounter no trials. Heath, however, will require more attention than the previous year, so personal care is the center of attention.

Tiger Horoscope 2023



According to the Chinese zodiac, those born in the Rabbit sign will have a happy but moderate year. They will be busy with household chores and also their careers.

This will get mixed up, resulting in modest financial status, but the Rabbit will be happy and satisfied since, on the whole, his income will outweigh the losses. He will make new friends, full of power and influence, which will be useful in the future.

Rabbit Horoscope 2023



2023 will be a great year when those born in the Dragon year can attract many benefits and get promoted or have fantastic progress in their work. Their success will come easily, and they will enjoy full creativity and many interesting things.

Dragon Horoscope 2023



2023 is going to be a challenging year for the people born in the Snake sign. They should not expect special earnings or promotions in their careers. They should be afraid of wicked gossip and extremely jealous partners.

The worst period and the greatest hardships will occur during the summer, but once the weather cools down, they will also receive some good news. This year, they must eliminate extravagances and take care of their money.

Snake Horoscope 2023



For those born in the Horse sign, 2023 will be a mixed year. Many ongoing and neglected deals will press on their shoulders and endanger their health. But they should not expect the worst; all the storms will pass, and the damage will be less than expected.

A good year to look at the bright side of life and make new friends; they should reconcile with their enemies.

Horse Horoscope 2023



For the people born under the Goat sign, 2023 will be hectic but solemn. Their earnings will be at the limit, but despite the many occurring disputes, they will be lucky enough to encounter no scandal or calamity.

In 2023, Goats will have a hard time making money, but they will not come out of this storm admirably if they do not take risks or make radical changes in their lives

Sheep Horoscope 2023


For the people born in the Monkey sign, the earnings of 2023 will take on the appearance of scientific or technical accumulations. The benefits they will receive are not material or immediate as an achievement.

In 2023, Monkeys will be full of worries and still unresolved disputes, and they will have to face significant expenditures or save themselves by quitting their plans. This is a year when they must be vigilant and learn a lot. They should not take any risks or speculate.

Monkey Horoscope 2023



2023 will be a wonderful and prosperous year for the Roosters. Success will shine upon them now, so they can get management positions or have the power to transform their destinies; peaceful at home, with no health issues, they will suffer some frustration that will tire and annoy them. Births or weddings are foreseen in their families.

Rooster Horoscope 2023



Stability is the word that will govern the life of those born in the Dog sign in 2023. Things will be simple and according to the expectations of these rather demanding people. You don’t get too much adrenaline, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This is a good year to focus on career and social life. Towards winter, they will receive good news.

Dog Horoscope 2023


According to the Chinese horoscope, the year 2023 will be peaceful, and the Pigs will benefit from the support of some powerful people; they will stand out before their superiors.

In 2023, Pigs will gain the recognition and respect of their work colleagues, and family life will be calm. They can expect some health issues or the loss of some personal belongings.

Pig Horoscope 2023

5 Analysis Elements for People Born in the Year of the Rabbit

Metal Rabbit (1951, 2011, 2071)

For the Metal Rabbits, 2023 will be demanding both financially and romantically. These natives will be strong and resistant. The resolve and determination they prove are very powerful. They always succeed in what they plan to do, both in their careers and personal life.
Metal gives the Rabbit a more energetic behaviour than the other elements (water, fire, wood, and earth). They are very ambitious and can even be cunning in their relationships with others.

Water Rabbit (1903, 1963, 2023)

In 2023, the Water Rabbits prefer to be carried away by the wave, regardless of the direction in which it carries them, and are willing to do anything to avoid conflicts, even if they got to lose because of it. As friends and family members, they are very supportive of others, but they are people anyone can take advantage of.

Wood Rabbit (1915, 1975, 2035)

In 2023, the Wood Rabbits will help others a lot. They feel the need to make other people happy. They are very generous, and others can easily take advantage of their kindness without them even realizing it.

Fire Rabbit (1927, 1987, 2047)

In 2023, the Fire Rabbit will have all kinds of adventures. Although they tend to have nervous breakdowns without being able to control themselves, they will always try to avoid conflicts.

Earth Rabbit (1939, 1999, 2059)

The Rabbits born under this Earth sign are with their feet firmly planted in the ground. Sometimes, they are critical and cynical, but they are always honest in what they say. A united and strong family is essential for them, but they also need material and financial security.

Feng Shui Forecast

Feng shui specialists say that each year is associated with a certain direction that brings good luck. In the Year of the Rabbit 2023 it is the north-west, so if you want harmony in your home, you may want to place your bed in this part of the bedroom. And for your business to flourish, you should place the office where you work, also in the north-west.

Feng Shui remedies for love

Mandarin Ducks

This feng shui remedy will draw love energies into your life. In 2023 you will meet someone special, with whom you can form a stable relationship or a future family.
This feng shui symbol will attract good luck in relationships and help you find your soulmate or strengthen your bond with your partner.

Laughing Buddha Statue

This is a feng shui remedy that will help you to have success and happiness at home, a fulfilled marriage and children that bring great honour to the family.

Feng Shui remedies against conflicts

Feng shui tips to make the year 2023 free of family quarrels, gossip from friends or lawsuits:

To remove bad energies, you can place the 3 Fu Dogs Statue in the South-East sector and carry the Three Heavenly Guardians Shield Amulet. These will keep conflicts, lawsuits and disputes and protect you from gossip.

In the Year of the Water Rabbit, the conflict star is located in the South-East sector, so it is recommended that you do not place your desk or sofa in the South-East corner of your home. Try not to spend too much time here.

Luck in the Year of the Rabbit


Luckiest Zodiac Sign in 2023:

In 2023, the Tiger natives will earn a lot of money, and those born under the sign of the Dragon, Monkey, or Ox will be lucky in love. Also, find out which are the luckiest signs of the Western zodiac and what the horoscope of 2023 reveals.

Lucky months in 2023

In the Year of the Water Rabbit, the Zodiac signs need to use their abilities to the fullest – intelligence, life experience, to make the best decisions (April, October, November 2023).

In terms of love, there is big news: either an engagement, a wedding, or the birth of a child (July, August, December, January). It’s time to grow and develop, to pursue your dreams and passions, even hobbies.

February, March, and October also bring new career opportunities for the Rooster and Monkey, which they should take full advantage of.

All zodiac signs compatible with the Rabbit -Sheep/Goat, Dog, and Pig, may experience circumstances and events in the Year of the Water Rabbit that can bring them personal happiness and professional success.

The Year of the Water Rabbit 2023 is a good year to get pregnant or to have a baby. Friendly, obedient, and well-mannered, the baby rabbit is very easy to discipline. He learns easily and well, is not aggressive, and will not get into trouble with other children. He helps his parents in the household and will only tell you what he thinks you want to hear. That doesn’t mean he won’t do whatever he wants.


Lucky colors 2023

There’s no better way to start the new year than to attract the best energy because that’s how you can get new projects off the ground. Among the tips from Feng Shui 2023 experts is the suggestion of using the lucky colors of the year.

In the year of the Water Rabbit, colors will bring good energies into your life if they are used in clothing, home decoration, or special events such as weddings.

In the year 2023, the Rabbit is correlated with the water element and is connected to blue. However, other colors will also be lucky over the next 365 days, such as green, yellow and black.

As the comfy year of Rabbit 2023 comes to an end, there will be no hard feelings, a reminder that eventually everything will be okay.