Year of the Snake – 2022 Horoscope & Luck Predictions

The years of the Snake include 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013.

The year of the Tiger 2022 is difficult for the Snakes, but if they focus only on the things that matter and listen to their intuition, things can turn in their favor.

They will encounter many obstacles and failures at work, but the solution is to never stop and give up.

They must always look forward. In spring, avoid any work conflicts and keep away from envious colleagues who only want to throw sand in their wheels.

year of the snake 2022 horoscope

At the end of the summer, in August and September, they will receive a promotion or an offer for a new job but, before that, they must pass a difficult time in the summer when the Snakes go on autopilot at work, get stressed, and do everything in their power to conclude what they planned.

They might have a hard time because the Snakes are a bit awkward in their relationships with the others, treating everyone with indifference, never being satisfied with other peoples’ ideas, and refusing any collegiality sign. This is exactly why they have to work twice as hard, or any project will turn to dust.

However, fall will be extremely calm and peaceful for the Snake. It is the perfect time to relax.
The year of the Water Tiger makes the Snakes very charming, which will make it easier to find a life partner.

If they are already involved in a relationship, this year will bring back the romance in the air, and it is favorable for the harmonious growth of the couple. They start paying attention to the family members and are willing to spend more time next to their loved ones.

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Snake Love Horoscope 2022

Dear Horse, what do you want in 2022? A stable, happy love life? Or a breathtakingly magical one? Decide now – and then start steering the ship of your life accordingly.

For while you can have one or the other this year, you can’t have both. If you try for the double, you’ll end up with neither.

Intense astrological influences, especially in April and May will put you into contact with someone who has the potential to knock your socks off. All your usual detachment will go flying out of the window.

Your ability to stay calm and cool will vanish in a puff of smoke. You will succumb (if you are not very careful) to a series of finger trembling, knee-knocking, heart fluttering sensations.

You will fall head over heels into something that you find it hard to get out of, even if you want to – which you don’t – and even if it is not very good for you – which it probably isn’t.

For single Snakes, this is not such bad news. It implies a memorable time ahead which may not lead to much by way of permanent security but will certainly give life sparkle for a while.

For Snakes who are now desperate to get out of a relationship that has been going nowhere for far too long, it’s probably excellent news.

Here is the catalyst you have been waiting for; the dramatic excuse to move things on – and the moment of make or break which tells you all you need to know about what you’ve got. This will either wake up the magic in your existing situation… or allow you the strength to change it at last.

And for Snakes who are currently in a happy, strong, mutually supportive relationship? It is all just going to be a moment’s brief temptation that can easily be ignored. Isn’t it? Full “Normality” returns in October.

That is when you will find out what this passing attraction has really led to and that’s also when you are able to make future plans based on something more meaningful than a lot of excited and unrealistic wishes.

Assuming by then, that you have not somehow managed, by your actions and choices to banish stability from your life forevermore!

Snake Money and Career horoscope 2022

People born under your zodiac sign have an instinct for business. Even if you don’t wheel, deal or trade, you always know what’s hot and what’s not.

In 2022, the Snake stands a good chance of profiting from a new craze. Provided, that is, that you can keep your wits about you.

This may be harder than you think. The Snake may begin to feel like a bargain hunter who has stumbled across the best ever car-boot sale, forty minutes before it closes.

With so much to choose from and so little time to decide, you have to consider whether to race to the nearest cash machine for more money and risk not getting back in time… or spend what you have and regret forever, the chances you missed.

Only, in your case, the opportunities are not potential purchases but ways to make money. You are soon due to be surrounded by them. All will involve a degree of risk plus a need to think fast.

Here’s an easy way to get your timing right when making big financial AND career choices this year.

1) Relax and trust that, even if a window looks set to shut, another will open soon after.

2) Whenever you feel 100% sure, down to your toes that a move is right, make it without thinking a moment longer.


Those born in the Year of the Snake may feel, as a general note this year, overworked and sometimes even energetically overwhelmed by the things they set out to accomplish.

Maybe you’re asking too much of yourself or … it’s time for some changes in your life, changes that also require their type and you have to grant it.

But since the days all have the same number of hours, you may feel that you are no longer able to complete the activities you set out to do, as you did before.

A review of your life, wishes, and aspirations for 2022, as well as a reorganization of the list of priorities, would suit you very well.

Although at the beginning of the year you feel strong, because you are full of enthusiasm, you will soon feel the need to tidy up your life, maybe even change your circles of friends.

Snake 2022 Feng Shui & Lucky Elements

  • Lucky numbers: turquoise green, cyan blue (Wood, Water elements)
  • Lucky numbers: 7, 10, 15
  • Lucky months for marriage: March and June of 2022
  • Compatible zodiac signs in 2022: Rat, Rabbit, and Pig

Lucky Feng Shui objects:

  • Mystic knot bracelet – luck, endless prosperity, health, love continuity, eternal love, and many other
  • Dragons – a powerful Feng Shui remedy for business, they bring foresight and wisdom, especially for older people, and honor to the family, and they protect the owner and open the path to new and favorable opportunities.

Snake Horoscope 2022 based on the Fixed Elements of the Chinese Zodiac Sign

Wood Snake (1965)

In 2022, the Wood Snakes earn significant amounts of money from the professional activities that make their efforts worthwhile. Especially since now they also enjoy recognition.

Fire Snake (1977)

Those born in the Fire Snake sign will enjoy a wonderful year with certain revelations, a period when not only they will find answers to the questions bothering them, but they will also find someone that shares their vision, ask the same questions, have the same wishes and thoughts, which will make them extremely happy.

Earth Snake (1989)

Your sharp, analytical mind gets a workout this month. Listen closely to what people are saying, with your ears and your intuition. They’ll inspire and surprise you, and many will challenge your viewpoints as you learn to appreciate the subtle nuances, the shades of gray, that more accurately define an imperfect world. This learning experience is one you’ll value throughout the fall and winter months as events continue to evolve.

Metal Snake (2001)

It is not excluded for some changes to occur at your workplace, which might impact the income of the Metal Snakes, or they have the chance to resolve some financial matters that were not well thought out in 2021. However, they should avoid overspending.

Water Snake (1953, 2013)

The year 2022 is a period of financial revision, and although the Water Snakes have ingenious ideas on how to increase their income, they should analyze them thoroughly, from all angles, to avoid overlooking some aspects. Some of the Water Snakes can now get rid of a concerning and bothersome debt.

Snake Horoscope 2022 Month by Month

January: Many days will be rewarding; others only puzzling and frustrating. Fortunately, you’ll come out ahead by month’s end. But be selective if you’re offered extra projects or responsibilities. More is not necessarily better, and being too optimistic could prompt you to take on too much. Co-worker relationships may be strained at times and it’s even possible someone could intentionally mislead you. Be aware. Protect your interests.

February: This month’s heavy workload makes scheduling time for yourself especially important because it will be easy to get run down, which can make you vulnerable to a cold or the flu. Put sleep before socializing and try to reserve evenings and the first few weekends for home life and hobbies.

March: Even if time is limited, try to squeeze in a get-together with close friends this month. Besides being a good balance for all the hours at work, long talks will net you fresh insights into life and love. If you’d like some new couples friends or want to introduce your mate to your pals, now is the time.

April: You could get lucky the first week of the month and cash in on a small windfall. Take a chance on the lottery or enter a contest. You also could net a little more in your paycheck or benefit from additional job perks.

May: You’ll experience nearly every facet of relationships this month, especially with family members and others close to you. Consider the ups and downs to be learning experiences and an opportunity to fine-tune your people skills.

June: You’re at your analytical best and a step ahead of most everyone. But all may not be exactly as it seems the first full week of the month, so it’s wise to ask questions and double-check details. If a new job is your goal, resumes submitted the first two days of June could net results by month’s end.

July: Although you’ll encounter some obstacles at work and home, July is more or less easygoing. Challenging days, however, continue to involve personal and professional relationships, and it will be up to you to compromise even when you feel it should be the other way around.

August: Family members try your patience in early August and again at month’s end. Try for open communication and understanding, but don’t expect miracles, especially with in-laws. What’s most important is that you make the effort. You might need a major domestic repair. If so, get several estimates and check credentials. Also, postpone legal matters and travel until next month if you have a choice.

September: Although close relationships will again be rocky at times this month, you’re in a great position to strengthen ties with co-workers and supervisors. New career contacts are also likely, and a lucky break could connect you with someone who can advance your status. Be alert for a magnetic attraction; it may signal the arrival of a soul mate.

October: This is your time to shine! Cross your fingers for a promotion or job offer and a bigger paycheck. Be sure to ask pointed questions if you’re offered a step up or a new position. Get the details.

November: Besides taking at least a few days off to relax and unwind, let the Chinese horoscope inspire you to get in the habit of a daily walk, skate, or bike ride. Ask a few neighbors to join you in your quest to keep fit. It’s a terrific way to keep the motivation high and the energy flowing. 

December: Set a budget and stick to it if you shop the first weekend in December. Bargains will be few and the urge to splurge strong. If you can wait, try next weekend instead. You could receive a year-end bonus around the same time, but it’s likely to be less than you hope. Look forward to February, when money begins to flow your way.

Snake personality

The Snake is highly regarded in Chinese culture. They are considered wise, beautiful, and sensual. Part of their wisdom comes from their intuitiveness and purported clairvoyance. They dress well, and they are always meticulously groomed. Snakes like to adorn themselves with jewelry and other accessories.

Money seems to gravitate toward them. Although they can be a bit lazy and unmotivated, it seems that their natural charm compensates for this when it comes to money. They usually don’t work as hard as the next guy for it. In love, they can be extremely possessive and jealous, so beware. Some keywords used to describe the Snake are wise, attractive, intense, intuitive, romantic, lazy, and extravagant.