Year of the Rabbit – 2022 Horoscope & Luck Predictions

The Years of the Rabbit include 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023.

According to the 2022 Chinese horoscope, the Rabbit will enjoy a very good atmosphere on a personal and professional level.

2022 is also a great time to take up a new job and get to know the previously unknown spheres of life.

year of the rabbit 2022 horoscope

The Rabbit’s energy will also be noticed by his surroundings, which will take it as a positive stimulus to action. The Rabbit will begin to appreciate everyday pleasures and thus be even happier.


The year 2022 will be a crucial year and a possible turning point for your love relationships.

Single Rabbits can meet a new person through their work and finally find someone who has a similar sensibility as them, who understands their emotionality and shares their enthusiasm and creativity.

Those who still suffer from a previous relationship could get a chance to correct all their mistakes – either by reconciliation with an ex-partner or by starting a new relationship with someone new.

You need to strengthen and lead your emotional life in a more practical way, use your vulnerability to understand yourself better, adjust your attitude and realize that you deserve the best.

If you are in a lasting relationship, your love will be more intense, and you can solve everything that separated you from your partner in the past period and created disagreements and problems.


You will make concessions and find compromises, but you will do so consciously and willingly, meeting the needs of your partner – the relationship has a particularly good chance of working if you and your partner are professionally connected and have the same interests.

There are also favorable aspects for maintaining a long-distance relationship if circumstances separate you from your partner for a while. The most favorable period for love is at the beginning of the year, from January to March, and then from October to December.

If you do not try to impose your views on your partner, harmony will prevail; otherwise, your relationship will be tense during the year of the Tiger 2022. If you team up with a partner – in every way – your relationship will get stronger than ever.

Money and Career

In 2022, you will face some setbacks and defeats in your career – you have successfully managed to overcome such challenges before, so will you now.

The financial situation will not be terrible, but you will be a little limited, and you will have to calculate. It would be good to save some money while you are doing well, so you will not be in trouble when sudden limiting circumstances arise.

The first four months of the new year will not be bad for investments and transactions. However, from April to August, there is an unfavorable period, so you should avoid investing cash in any business area.

There are also opportunities for higher financial losses, as well as for fraud by a business associate. But after this critical period, by the end of the year, there will be a good and upward business phase, in which you will be able to regain your balance or lay a good foundation for the next period.

Your ambitions and needs will get put to the test – you will have to fight with yourself to maintain a balance in business and income and expenses and be more careful than usual.


Our astrologers advise people born in the Chinese Rabbit zodiac sign to be more careful about their diet no matter what part of the world they live in.

Generally speaking, all Rabbits should eat healthier food so they can enjoy long-term health. Rabbits won’t face many health problems this year, but in case of mild illness, they can protect themselves by carrying a Wu Lou Amulet and a Medicine Buddha.

Rabbit 2022 Feng Shui & Lucky Elements

  • Lucky numbers: turquoise blue, carmine red (Water and Fire elements)
  • Lucky numbers: 8, 15, 20
  • Lucky months for marriage: August and October of 2022
  • Compatible zodiac signs in 2022: Ox, Monkey, and Pig

Lucky Feng Shui objects:

  • Chinese coins – they bring prosperity and multiply your money
  • Trunk up Elephant Feng Shui Statuette brings luck, happiness, longevity, and protection, and it should be placed on furniture or the floor.

Horoscope 2022 based on the Fixed Elements of the Chinese Zodiac Sign

Wood Rabbit (1975)

Relationships will be the center of attention for the Wood Rabbits in 2022, and they must get ready for changes in this sector and open their mind to learning new lessons from their loved ones.

Fire Rabbit (1987)

In 2022, for the Fire Rabbits, some delayed amounts of money get unlocked. For them, the way this money come, when they no longer believed things would get solved in their favor, seems almost like a miracle.

Earth Rabbit (1939, 1999)

The year 2022 for the Earth Rabbits is related to money, but also communication and movement. The Rabbits will have new income ideas, but also ideas about how to spend what they earn. Some of them are now thinking that it would be good to approach the commercial or banking sector.

Metal Rabbit (1951, 2011)

This year, the Metal Rabbits will have a more active social life, get in touch with their friends, and get involved in new projects. Some of them plan on getting married to their partner, buying a new house, or maybe they want to become parents.

Water Rabbit (1963)

The Water Rabbits will look for new income sources, or they will make investments. In 2022, they may finalize a stage, conclude a project, or reap the fruit of their professional endeavors.

Rabbit Personality

The Rabbit is a practical, elegant, and ambitious creature. They love the comforts of a well-designed home with luxurious furnishings.

Because they are prey rather than predators, they avoid confrontations and conflict. The Rabbit can be apprehensive, so don’t expect them to warm up too quickly.

They’ll let you know when you’ve won their trust. Although they sometimes seem to move quickly, the Rabbits are conservative and economical in their decision process.

As far a romance goes, they are affectionate and devoted. Some keywords used to describe the Rabbit are ambitious, virtuous, prudent, complex, secretive, and apprehensive..