Year of the Rabbit – 2022 Horoscope & Luck Predictions

The Years of the Rabbit include 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023.

You would encounter unprecedented turbulence in your romantic relationship. You would find your lover not really your type. In fact, you might end up in a ‘change of heart’ if you do not handle your relationship carefully.

For those of you who are born in the Year of the Rabbit, the luck is indeed quite good this year, especially because you have the star Tang Fu shining on you. Those on the management level and those with an outdoor working nature (such as the police) would enjoy particularly good luck.

There are three lucky stars in your constellation this year, namely Tang Fu, Tian Chu, and Tian Jie. Tang Fu represents leadership and authority. Those working in disciplinary teams such as the police force, fire services, or correctional institutions; and those key decision-makers in the top management would have good performance in terms of career luck this year. However, the Star of Marginal Nature Tian Jie also implies frustrations and difficulties in your work. In other words, even though your luck of career is promising, you might have to go through troubles in order to have major achievements.

rabbit horoscope 2022

The lucky star Tian Chu represents food and beverage. Those engaging in hotel or restaurant business would have major good luck. At the same time, the star also represents gastronomic pleasure. However, do not go a bingo, no matter how good the food is. Or else you might have gastroenteritis. Always pay attention to your personal hygiene.

The star Xie Yin represents injuries (especially on the face) or surgical operations. You might pre-empt the predestined injury by donating blood or getting your teeth cleaned by a dentist. You should also avoid any kind of adventurous or risky activity (such as rock climbing, parachuting, or scuba diving) as you have the star Zai Sha in your constellation. Finally, the star Sang Men means elderly family members might have health problems. You should pay extra attention to them.

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Rabbit Love Horoscope 2022

The astrological climate for Rabbit, this coming year, implies the development of new maturity, the deepening of an important personal understanding – and thus, a much-increased ability to enjoy your relationships with others.

ALL your relationships will benefit from the changes you go through but the most dramatic difference will be in your love life. As you become more philosophical, accepting, and tolerant, you will also become a much easier person to be with.

Others will sense this and it will enhance their desire to be with you. Thus you will become more attractive. Then, because, once a person is attracted to one person, they become instantly attractive to many more, it will mean you end up receiving a lot of “offers and invitations.”

There will definitely be no need to remain in a current relationship this year, just because you are not sure what you can replace it with.

But there will be an enhanced desire to stick with it because you feel more able to make it work. Which you almost certainly can. For this is going to be a year in which reality beats fantasy, hands down.

Rabbit Money and Career Horoscope 2022

Rabbit’s financial prospects look really bright in 2022 but don’t follow the pack to do well. New trends can be capitalized on but old sectors can also provide a boost to your earnings.

Interviews can go very well from mid-year and the chance to climb the ladder of success, if you’re so inclined is certainly going to be possible, though there may be a personal cost in terms of work-life balance.

Your natural entrepreneurial qualities can shine even more. Perhaps most of all the trick for 2022 will be in resisting the temptation to be too extravagant

Your sharp thinking would enable you to try your hand in new ventures. The Rabbit will make progress in social activities and is likely to be benefited from his contacts with influential people. But you need to control your emotions, especially while negotiating business deals. If you want to earn profits, keep your dealings transparent.

You will get success in your work with the help of your determination. As far as investments are concerned, speculation is not favorable to you. So if possible avoid them. During the month of November, you need to be careful of your business dealing. Extending long credit could lead to losses.


Anything which restricts your movement can cause concern in 2022, so mobility generally will need tackling. Pursuing things that enable you to maintain suppleness, but where you can still be action-orientated, will be a perfect balance.

A mixture of aerobics and running perhaps? But the issues at the center of your life, which have proved challenging, will fade from the summer, so be confident of ending the year in better shape.

But you may need to prioritize to give yourself the time for keeping in shape. Most of all, however, this year requires you to bold and daring. Up for white water rafting or skydiving then?

Rabbit 2022 Feng Shui & Lucky Elements

  • Lucky numbers: turquoise blue, carmine red (Water and Fire elements)
  • Lucky numbers: 8, 15, 20
  • Lucky months for marriage: August and October of 2022
  • Compatible zodiac signs in 2022: Ox, Monkey, and Pig

Lucky Feng Shui objects:

  • Chinese coins – they bring prosperity and multiply your money
  • Trunk up Elephant Feng Shui Statuette brings luck, happiness, longevity, and protection, and it should be placed on furniture or the floor.

Rabbit Horoscope 2022 based on the Fixed Elements of the Chinese Zodiac Sign

Wood Rabbit (1975)

Relationships will be the center of attention for the Wood Rabbits in 2022, and they must get ready for changes in this sector and open their mind to learning new lessons from their loved ones.

Fire Rabbit (1987)

In 2022, for the Fire Rabbits, some delayed amounts of money get unlocked. For them, the way this money come, when they no longer believed things would get solved in their favor, seems almost like a miracle.

Earth Rabbit (1939, 1999)

The year 2022 for the Earth Rabbits is related to money, but also communication and movement. The Rabbits will have new income ideas, but also ideas about how to spend what they earn. Some of them are now thinking that it would be good to approach the commercial or banking sector.

Metal Rabbit (1951, 2011)

This year, the Metal Rabbits will have a more active social life, get in touch with their friends, and get involved in new projects. Some of them plan on getting married to their partner, buying a new house, or maybe they want to become parents.

Water Rabbit (1963)

The Water Rabbits will look for new income sources, or they will make investments. In 2022, they may finalize a stage, conclude a project, or reap the fruit of their professional endeavors.

Rabbit Horoscope 2022 Month by Month

January’s hotspot is finance. Save rather than spend early in the month so you’ll have extra cash if unexpected expenses pop up the last two weeks. Although you’ll see more money go out, whatever you need will likely be there when you need it. This is not the month to apply for a loan or run-up debt. But with a little luck, which you’ll have, you might even earn a raise or bonus. Think prosperity!

February: Your work life is hectic and your workload heavy the first two weeks of February. The pace eases after that and you can settle into a normal routine or daily tasks.

March: Although finances continue to challenge you, this month’s hotspot is communication. Money matters you consider resolved will resurface, and getting information will be tough. Travel also can be disrupted, so try to avoid trips, especially the second week of March.

April: Chances are, you’ll click with someone exciting and have an instant rapport. Whether this person is a new pal or a romantic interest, you can form a strong and lasting bond. Couples in love might want to plan a summer trip or dash off for a romantic weekend.

May: You continue to catch the attention of important people So gear up for what promises to be a terrific career month, with the chance for a raise, bonus, or step up. If your goal is a new job, send out resumes now and you could land the ideal spot in May.

June: You might feel as though it’s next to impossible to please anyone and frustration rises as a result. Maintain a low profile, go with the flow, and quit while you’re ahead. Stubborn people do not want their minds changed. Travel is subject to delays and cancellations during the same time frame, so plan accordingly. Postpone legal matters as well. 

July: You may receive more social invitations than you have the time or desire to accept. Choose the best of the best, as well as leisurely get-togethers with your closest friends, which you’ll enjoy far more than large gatherings later in July. If you want to host a get-together, plan it for next month

August: You and your career continue in the spotlight with favorable odds for financial gain. That’s a plus if your sights are set on a step up or you’re interviewing. Everything comes together the last two weeks of the month.

September: Friends, groups, money, and values clash early this month. You’ll see a previously unseen side of someone that will disappoint you as you discover your goals differ greatly. Learn from the experience and move on. Put yourself and yours first if a friend leans on you for a loan or a group expects a donation. Don’t feel obligated to stretch your budget. You’re unlikely to see a return any time soon, if ever.

October brings you many opportunities for love, romance, and carefree days with friends. TLC and intimate moments link hearts, minds, and passions for couples the week of October 3. The same time frame brings new romantic interest to some singles. If you’re debating the merits of a dating relationship, finances may be the deciding factor.

November: Finances occupy your time and attention, especially in mid-November. Be careful and cautious with money matters and let your natural financial savvy be your guide. Although risks and major decisions are unwise, this influence can be positive or negative or a little of both. However, it also could bring you a lucky windfall, so take a chance on the lottery.

December: Progress alternates with setbacks and delays at work, where decision-makers seem to do anything, but the information is tough to come by. You could receive a holiday bonus, although maybe not as much as you hope for. Keep that in mind if you’re tempted to splurge on gifts for family and partners. Use your imagination, rather than money, to create gifts for co-workers and neighbors


Rabbit Personality

The Rabbit is a practical, elegant, and ambitious creature. They love the comforts of a well-designed home with luxurious furnishings.

Because they are prey rather than predators, they avoid confrontations and conflict. The Rabbit can be apprehensive, so don’t expect them to warm up too quickly.

They’ll let you know when you’ve won their trust. Although they sometimes seem to move quickly, the Rabbits are conservative and economical in their decision process.

As far as romance goes, they are affectionate and devoted. Some keywords used to describe the Rabbit are ambitious, virtuous, prudent, complex, secretive, and apprehensive..