Year of the Ox – 2022 Horoscope & Luck Predictions

Years of the Ox include 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021, 2033.

The year of the Tiger 2022 will prove to be a very positive year for the Ox. There will also be many events that will make this year one of the best in his life.

Also, the 2022 Chinese Zodiac predicts many attractions with a very positive impact on the social development of this zodiac sign.

year of the ox 2022 horoscope

Those born under the Ox sign will also see many changes that will certainly help them survive the worse days.

There is nothing to break them down; this zodiac sign will not experience them too often this year. In both private and professional life, there will be a lot of positive twists and turns.


The 2022 Ox Horoscope indicates a calmer start of the year.

Single Ox will have a passionate and exciting relationship, which they can maintain if they do not become selfish and impulsive – take care of the other person’s needs, and you will overcome differences and conflicts, thanks to optimism and generosity.

This year is a time of love lessons, which will prepare you for the future – you may meet a new person during meetings and gatherings that have to do with your profession, but things will not develop as quickly and smoothly as you expect.

You need to invest a lot of attention and energy in communication and building relationships, so intimacy will progress while love will strengthen this year. The middle of the year brings an unstable period for everyone who is in a relationship, so you should keep an optimistic and reasonable approach – time is on your side.


If circumstances temporarily separate you from your partner, you will find a new way to connect through modern means of communication, and distance will help you see your partner, his needs, and desires from a broader perspective and better understand him.

From August to the end of the year, love relationships are on the rise, and relationships become pleasant and comfortable without passion and romance getting lost.

All in all, both in new and permanent relationships, there will be a lot of turbulence, but you will solve them if you keep calm and positive and try to understand the needs and thoughts of your partner better.

The stars warn you to protect your privacy from third parties and not entrust your love problems and hopes to someone you don’t know well, not even friends.

Money and Career

In the year of the Tiger 2022, you will pay great attention to your professional career, given the strong influence of the Tiger in this sector, which will send you a lot of positivity so that you can achieve your desired goals.

The year 2022 will run without ups and downs, which does not mean only stagnation but also stability. You have already reached a certain economic standard, which you now maintain, and you need to stick to the framework of your budget and the plans you already have to remain stable and undisturbed.

There will be no major financial inflows and opportunities for career advancement, but there will be no unexpected costs and unpleasant surprises either.

This is an excellent year to repay debts and loans and establish a more moderate lifestyle that will allow you to avoid unnecessary expenses and remove some of your stress.

This year, you need to adjust to a lifestyle that will eliminate or reduce unnecessary expenses and save some money for situations when you or your family will need more funds than the regular inflow allows. In April, there is a possibility of higher costs around the organization of an event, so start planning and preparing on time.

Maintain the good relationships you have established with numerous associates and take care to remain kind and polite, even if someone upsets you with their behavior or you have something to complain about. Keep control of your temperament, and don’t try to “put anyone in their place” – it’s a challenge for you, which will pay off in business terms.

Do not “cut” relations with business associates, nor make business decisions impulsively – let it go, everything will come to its own, and you will keep your stable position.


During this year, you need to take care of your health, either by maintaining it or keeping it from getting worse. In the spring, from March to May, you may encounter more serious problems, so you should take action and consult a doctor right away.

Take appropriate measures to preserve your nerves, psychological stability, and peace of mind because it is crucial for your health – yoga, meditation, breathing techniques can save you from complications.

Also, make sure you get enough rest – instead of going out in the evening and having fun, go to bed on time and get up early to exercise and have breakfast. Take more seriously the need to take care of yourself, thoroughly and daily.

If you allow yourself to be careless and get sick, you can miss all the good things that await you in the new year, and if you need to change your habits and establish a healthier lifestyle, do it now, at the beginning of the year. Rest, moderate exercise, healthy food, and above all, responsibility towards yourself will allow you to stay in shape and enjoy life.

Ox 2022 Feng Shui & Lucky Elements

  • Lucky colors: apple green, vermilion red (Wood and Fire elements)
  • Lucky numbers: 6, 9, 14
  • Lucky days: Wednesday, Saturday
  • Lucky months for marriage: April, October

Lucky Feng Shui objects:

  • Golden Ox – Feng Shui remedy to attract health
  • Rudraksha bracelet – for professional success, taking exams, and in business.

Horoscope 2022 based on the Fixed Elements of the Chinese Zodiac Sign

Wood Ox (1985)

In 2022, the Wood Oxen will be relaxed, optimistic, and confident about the future. This year, they are ready to propose to their partner to go to the next level of their relationship. A marriage proposal is not excluded either, and there are great chances to become a complete family until the beginning of the following year.

Fire Ox (1938 & 1997)

This year, the Fire Ox can have fabulous, revolutionary ideas, especially in May, June, October, and November. And they should listen and follow their instinct. They have a lot of charm, and they are extremely persuasive, especially in the second part of the year 2022, so they should take advantage of these qualities.

Earth Ox (1949 and 2009)

The Water Tiger year of 2022 seems to be productive for the Oxen in terms of relationships. Those born in the Earth Ox sign may take major life decisions, such as marriage or bringing a child into the world.

Metal Ox (1961 and 2021)

Many Metal Oxen will take important, long-term decisions related to their future, and they will take significant steps to set their life on a more secure and comfortable path.

In 2022, the Oxen will effortlessly gain money from unexpected founding. They only have to be willing to request and receive what they need to make their life easier, but without overdoing it.

Water Ox (1973)

According to the 2022 Horoscope, the Water Oxen are less fortunate in the following period. In the first months of the year, they must be careful not to overwork and overlook important things.

Ox Personality

Like its namesake, the Ox is a hard worker. They are ready to carry the burden until the task gets completed. Sometimes, their focus upon getting it done gives them tunnel vision.

They can be stubborn and uncompromising. But hey! Nobody is perfect. While they appear very steadfast, you’ll find them looking for excitement. A little office mischief here and there breaks up the monotony of daily life.

Although not garrulous like the Rat, they are gifted speakers that get their point across. Their innate self-confidence sometimes puts a strain on their romantic relationships.

The Ox doesn’t use sex to build self-esteem, so they go through periods of abstinence. Their partner can misinterpret this lack of affection as rejection. Some keywords used to describe the Ox are stable, creative, focused, eloquent, stubborn, vindictive, and discriminatory.