Year of the Monkey – 2022 Horoscope & Luck Predictions

The Years of the Monkey include 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016.

In 2022, all Monkeys will be joyful and very sociable. Thanks to this, they will establish new friendships and have no issues meeting new people.

Monkeys will feel the need for change, broaden their horizons, and thus change the work or environment surrounding them.

year of the monkey 2022 horoscope

In the summertime, the Monkey can count on a lot of luck and prosperity. Something will happen in every area of ​​life that will bring the Monkey great satisfaction. Whatever happens, one thing is certain: this is a year of great opportunities.

Love and Relationships

The beginning of the Tiger year 2022 will be very favorable for the Monkeys who enter into new relationships and those who want to improve their current love relationship.

A new person may appear in your life, but you need to be careful about it – differences that seem riveting at first glance will prove too difficult to overcome and will bring discussions and misunderstandings.

Don’t lose your head, protect your heart, and control your feelings and impulsivity, so you will be better oriented and make wiser decisions.

Developing a relationship, or maintaining a relationship, depends on how you communicate with your partner – talk about everything you feel and be willing to listen and understand your partner’s needs.


Everything you invest in a relationship will reward you with stable feelings, fulfillment, and closeness, starting from mid-August to the end of the year 2022.

During this period, some relationships can grow into marriage if you develop and maintain trust and harmony in your couple’s life.

When your partner sees that you care and put in the effort, they will reciprocate in the same way, and your relationship will become much better and more attached. In crises, stick together, and you will overcome all obstacles.

Money and Career

The year of the Water Tiger is a year of challenges for those born in a Monkey year – money goes everywhere, and those costs are not a luxury, but the cost of living.

You will try to make money and “patch the holes,” but you may end up in a situation where you have to borrow money or take a loan. True friends will help you (and these are not the ones you expected help from).

The first part of the year will be much grueling and demanding in that sense, but in the second part of the year, your efforts to progress at work will give results, and an increase in income is possible – the financial situation will stabilize, so you will be able to relax.

The intelligence and willingness to react, recognize and seize the opportunity will help Monkeys, and the employer will notice their abilities and give them more responsibilities with higher earnings.

The stars are on their side – they will not bring Monkeys money from anywhere, but they will support their efforts to earn it, their determination to advance in their career and show their abilities.

If you try some things you haven’t done before, believing that they will be good additional sources of income, and you are confused and not doing well, the stars tell you that this is not your path and that there is no support and prosperity.


Those born in a Monkey year should not allow themselves negligence and carelessness for their health because they can feel tired, exhausted, and lethargic. Chronic lack of energy leads to depression, which you can face this year, so you need to take all preventive measures to maintain health, fitness, and mental stability.

Do not miss exercise, movement, any form of physical activity, especially if you have started to gain weight (it will have an unfavorable effect on your condition and mood).

If you feel lethargic, do not indulge in lethargy, find the will to exercise and move, and then give yourself a well-deserved rest to maintain your working energy level.

Take special care of yourself in the first half of the year, and it will bring results, so you will be able to relax from August because you will feel better and more energetic.

Monkey 2022 Feng Shui & Lucky Elements

  • Lucky colors: khaki green, orange, red (Wood, Fire elements)
  • Lucky numbers: 4, 7, 11
  • Lucky months for marriage: June and November of 2022
  • Compatible signs in 2022: Rat, Horse, and Pig

Lucky Feng Shui objects:

  • Dragon Turtle Statuette – brings wellness and prosperity
  • Tai Sui (Taisui) Plaque – remedy for protection and for avoiding hardships

Horoscope 2022 based on the Fixed Elements of the Chinese Zodiac Sign

Wood Monkey (1944 and 2004)

The Wood Monkeys will have a 2022 year full of opportunities in their professional life. Also, family life is full of harmony and love.

Financially, things are not bad, but they need to learn how to manage their money more efficiently.

Fire Monkey (1956 and 2016)

The choices made by the Fire Monkeys will facilitate their development.

The time spent with their families becomes, in 2022, more important than the time they allocate to work.

Unfortunately, the Fire Monkeys don’t know how to save money. They will, thus, make a series of unnecessary expenses.

Earth Monkey (1968)

In 2022, the Earth Monkeys will enjoy participating in pleasant meetings and events. Therefore, they will manage to spend happy moments next to their families and friends. Also, this year, those born in the year 1968 will encounter no troubles moneywise.

Metal Monkey (1980)

The Metal Monkeys will have a 2022 year full of success and obtain everything they want. Moreover, the people born in 1980 will enjoy more trust from those close to them and their friends. Also, they will enjoy outstanding achievements at work.

Water Monkey (1992)

This year, the Water Monkeys will focus more on their family and home. Their career will have to wait until next year when it will come in the foreground. Financially, they need to work a bit more to obtain the money they need.

Monkey Personality

Monkeys are intelligent, lovable, and optimistic, and they have a knack for successful business dealings and doing the impossible. They are very sociable and make good friends and employees. Monkeys have good coping skills and seem to always be in control.

They love to have fun. Sometimes this lands them into trouble either romantically or financially. However, this won’t stop them from being the life of the party. Some keywords used to describe the Monkey are intelligent, witty, sociable, mischievous, deceitful, and opportunistic.