Year of the Monkey – 2022 Horoscope & Luck Predictions

The Years of the Monkey include 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016.

For the Monkeys, 2022 will be a very productive year, although they have to face certain obstacles. They will use their talents to overcome any issues and be successful this year.

The people born in the Monkey sign are optimistic and never discouraged, and even if some problems knock them down, they will rise and keep on fighting.

The year of the Tiger 2022 is an ideal time to sign up for specialization courses or maybe seminars and workshops.

year of the monkey 2022 horoscope

Although they dare to dream of many things this year, they will do nothing without a great personal benefit.

The Monkeys will establish new relationships, sign contracts, and, who knows, even make some new friends. In spring, they have some meticulous but repetitive work to do and not much to innovate although many, big projects are waiting for them in the fall.

Although it seems that the Monkeys will work all year round, they should not worry because, at the end of spring, when they start meeting new people, they will engage in even more relationships. Some of them will be profound, others less so, but their love life will be harmonious.

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Monkey Love and Relationships Horoscope 2022

The Monkey in love is always full of dreams, but 2022 is a year when wishes really can come true. Take the opportunity by June to face certain fears of commitment in love – you’re going to go at everything hammer and tongs.

You’ll try to overwhelm everything in your path that is negative. Every result that comes from this will be successful. With the help of people connected to your roots, you’ll have lots of opportunities to establish who you are. You will not be afraid of the tempestuous ride in love that you’ll be having this year.

For the Monkeys in a relationship, use everything you have to tell partners you need a change. Don’t destroy what’s already good, but build up everything in order to make your relationship stronger.

For those Monkeys who are unattached, your wildest fantasies could be about to come true in 2022. But make sure this dream is something that can be turned into a positive experience so that you don’t go off and make the kind of mistakes you have in the past. Remember that and you’ll be lucky in love.


 Money and Career Horoscope 2022 for Monkey

Over the past year, you’ve successfully set out to build yourself up as a new and prosperous individual, so by this time I’m sure you will have seen some success in your life.

However, you’ll have had to change radically in order to do that and although it was hard at first, it’s almost as if you’re getting used to it.

You start this year 2022 very lucky in terms of money, giving you confidence and kudos over cash. You’ll let others know, in no uncertain terms, you’re no easy touch. You’ll make it quite clear you intend to push hard for your hopes, dreams, and desires over money and will not allow anyone or anything to stand in your way.

Your best financial times will be between February and May, although the rest of the year 2022 looks promising. But be aware: some areas you thought were sorted are not. If you feel others are not pulling their weight, you’ll set them in the right direction.

Stop and think here, Monkey. You may need their support in the future so go easy. One dream you’ve had for as long as you can remember looms ever closer.


Maybe it’s time to decide that your old life was just too dull and you need to make many changes. Of course, one of the easiest ways to change one’s life is to ditch your old job.

Hopefully, you do that with a new one in mind, but not always. February is an excellent time to get motivated, but after then you have some easier, more laid-back times work-wise.

If you want to make a good impression at work, the end of  March and April is the time to do it. You have extra appeal and you could impress the people who matter the most.

By mid-year, it looks like there’s a whole lot more discipline and structure in your working life, and you’re taking it all very seriously. If you’re not quite sure you like what’s going on at work, stay patient until August when you have the perfect chance to renegotiate everything.

Monkey Horoscope 2022 : Health

This year you’ll have to work at things such as personal fulfillment. Everything indicates that health is particularly good for the Monkey in 2022. But you’re not going to be afraid to push for everything that you want.

There will be many demands made of you and there could be a lot of conflict getting in the way of your own personal growth. You will be seeking a new sense of freedom and responsibility. It’s time to show the world how capable you are – and you will.

You are in a period of progress and most areas of your life will be more purposeful and stronger than ever before. This is the year when you can promote yourself, and, as you do, you’ll find you gain self-esteem from the approval of superiors and those around you.

Friends and family may be shocked but don’t be afraid – the whole connection between your domestic and private life becomes harmonized, as everyone gets used to the new, dynamic Pisces.


Monkey 2022 Feng Shui & Lucky Elements

  • Lucky colors: khaki green, orange, red (Wood, Fire elements)
  • Lucky numbers: 4, 7, 11
  • Lucky months for marriage: June and November of 2022
  • Compatible signs in 2022: Rat, Horse, and Pig

Lucky Feng Shui objects:

  • Dragon Turtle Statuette – brings wellness and prosperity
  • Tai Sui (Taisui) Plaque – remedy for protection and for avoiding hardships

Horoscope 2022 based on the Fixed Elements of the Chinese Zodiac Sign

Wood Monkey (1944 and 2004)

The Wood Monkeys will have a 2022 year full of opportunities in their professional life. Also, family life is full of harmony and love.

Financially, things are not bad, but they need to learn how to manage their money more efficiently.

Fire Monkey (1956 and 2016)

The choices made by the Fire Monkeys will facilitate their development.

The time spent with their families becomes, in 2022, more important than the time they allocate to work.

Unfortunately, the Fire Monkeys don’t know how to save money. They will, thus, make a series of unnecessary expenses.

Earth Monkey (1968)

In 2022, the Earth Monkeys will enjoy participating in pleasant meetings and events. Therefore, they will manage to spend happy moments next to their families and friends. Also, this year, those born in the year 1968 will encounter no troubles moneywise.

Metal Monkey (1980)

The Metal Monkeys will have a 2022 year full of success and obtain everything they want. Moreover, the people born in 1980 will enjoy more trust from those close to them and their friends. Also, they will enjoy outstanding achievements at work.

Water Monkey (1992)

This year, the Water Monkeys will focus more on their family and home. Their career will have to wait until next year when it will come in the foreground. Financially, they need to work a bit more to obtain the money they need.

Monkey Horoscope 2022 Month by Month

January: Although finances are up and down, you’re more likely to end the month in positive territory. Nevertheless, you’ll want to emphasize common sense even though yours is one of the most practical, financially savvy, and security-conscious signs. Think before you spend, avoid anything that sounds too good to be true or promises a guaranteed return. Protect valuables. You also might want to take a look inside the nearly forgotten boxes in the attic and closets. Inside one could be a hidden treasure, such as an heirloom or collectible that’s worth big bucks.

February: Take a few evenings and weekends off this month to devote yourself to your partner and family. They’ll appreciate the time and attention, and you’ll be reminded of all the reasons why you love the ones you love. The lunar energy sparks commitment for some Monkeys who are ready to take a dating relationship to the next level.

March: More than ever, success is directly linked to you and your goals and ambitions. Use the first part of the month to decide what you want to achieve in the next nine months

April: Do something wonderful for yourself. Schedule a spa day, get a massage, have a leisurely meal with a friend or your partner at an upscale restaurant, or spend the day at your favorite museum. You deserve it!

May: You can expect a few communication challenges, primarily early and late in the month. Surprising news and last-minute developments ate part of the picture, so be prepared to go with the flow rather than make snap decisions you’ll later regret. You also should hire a professional for any mechanical problems that pop up, which will be less expensive in the long run. Be cautious on the road.

June: If you feel lost at sea, writing can help clarify your thoughts. Start (or continue) a journal, adding to it every day. Or talk with and listen to someone you trust and respect who will give you helpful feedback, which may or may not be what you want to hear.


July: Your social life is in full swing this month. Put work on hold evenings and weekends for your children, partner or date, and friends. If a close relationship hits a rough spot in early July, don’t say anything you might regret; re-evaluate as the month draws to a close. 

August: Look for raise and a possible financial reward for your efforts and expertise. Mostly, you’ll have the self-satisfaction of high productivity, as well as knowing that your clever, creative ideas and solutions are appreciated. Try to plan ahead, though, because meetings, talks, or paperwork can eat up precious time this month.

September: If you’re a parent, you might have to juggle your budget to cover extra expenses or other activities. Your own recreational interests and evenings out could fall in the same category, so plan ahead and check costs before you go. Fun doesn’t have to be expensive if you use your imagination

October: You may decide to put a trip on hold until November or December, but if you do travel, try to plan ahead for delays and cancellations and go with a carry-on rather than risk the chance of lost luggage. It’ll also be tough at times to track down information, so start early and then be sure to confirm facts.

November: Do yourself a favor during what at times will be a pressure-packed month. Take a little time each day for yourself, even if that’s a quick lunchtime walk, This will help you manage stress and give you a sense of freedom, which in turn will boost productivity.

December: A private talk or confidential information in the first two weeks of the month could signal an exciting career opportunity on the horizon. Keep the thought, but don’t expect further developments until next year.

Monkey Personality

Monkeys are intelligent, lovable, and optimistic, and they have a knack for successful business dealings and doing the impossible. They are very sociable and make good friends and employees. Monkeys have good coping skills and seem to always be in control.

They love to have fun. Sometimes this lands them into trouble either romantically or financially. However, this won’t stop them from being the life of the party. Some keywords used to describe the Monkey are intelligent, witty, sociable, mischievous, deceitful, and opportunistic.