Year of the Dragon – 2022 Horoscope & Luck Predictions

Years of the Dragon: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, and 2024.

The year 2022 will be quite unpredictable for the Dragon. Almost anything can happen – both good and bad things.

Although the Dragons may enjoy many successes in 2022, they will also suffer many defeats.

The Dragons love new challenges, and so they will have a great time facing new situations. With the right focus and determination, the Dragons are sure to achieve their goals.

year of the dragon 2022 horoscope

Unfortunately, throughout 2022, the Dragons will have to be very focused so that nothing else will disperse it.


Dragons are on the path of lasting love – those who do not have a partner yet, will find one during the year of the Tiger 2022, with the first days of spring, and it will be a serious relationship with a tendency to become even more serious by the end of the year.

It is all about mating, intense and profound emotions, getting closer, and finding a deeper connection and meaning in partnership and love.

Couples have all their plans under a lucky star, and their intimacy and connection are strengthened. Through various aspects of the relationship, you discover love in all its splendor and diversity.

The astrological advice to Dragons is to curb their vanity and overcome their ego in love relationships. Try to overcome any misunderstanding calmly, with a positive attitude, and without anger and insults.


When you feel like raising your voice and arguing, start speaking slowly and calmly, explaining to your partner how you are feeling, and checking if you have a good understanding of how they are feeling. This will help solve many problems and disagreements.

Dragons in long-term relationships will want to crown their relationship with matrimony during the year, and the marriages that Dragons enter into in 2022 will be successful and lasting.

So if you think in that direction, do not hesitate because all aspects of a successful partnership, love, and marriage are ideal. The stars support true love and commitment, and that is what you strive for.

Money and Career

The financial situation of the Dragons in 2022 is generally stable, with few possible falls and failures in business. It will be easier for you than in previous years to accomplish your projects, promote your talents and gain collaborators for your ideas. You will have multiple sources of income and lead a fairly comfortable life.

Dragons will also be able to save some money, and it would be wise to save that money or invest it in long-term plans, which will pay off in the end.

Do not rush with these decisions – think carefully and inquire and evaluate which investments are the smartest – do not expect a quick profit since these investments are for the future, for which you will one day be grateful.

Controlling your habit of making impulsive business decisions and spending money on luxuries will be especially helpful during the second part of the year.


In the Tiger year of 2022, Dragons will be in stable health during the winter and spring, not counting possible viral infections. However, at the beginning of summer and the end of the year, the health aspects are not favorable, and they should take care of themselves more than usual.

Exercise, walk, limit meals – Dragons will enjoy spring detoxification, as well as relaxation and meditation techniques to help channel stress and keep peace of mind.

If you have chronic health problems (high blood sugar, high blood pressure, heart problems), stick to therapy, go for regular check-ups and strictly follow a healthy and regular diet. If that means you have to give up visiting your favorite restaurants and prepare your own food – do it. It is an act of commitment to yourself and your health and will benefit you.

If you have some vices, such as cigarettes and alcohol, stop if you find it a challenge for your character, and if you do not want to feel failure in it, then reduce it to the most reasonable measure.

Dragon 2022 Feng Shui & Lucky Elements

  • Lucky colors: white, golden (Metal element)
  • Lucky numbers: 2, 5, 9
  • Lucky months for marriage: September, October of 2022
  • Compatible zodiac signs in 2022: Rooster, Tiger, and Pig

Lucky Feng Shui objects:

  • Dragon with coin – in Feng Shui, the dragon is the symbol of protection and luck. Worn as a pendant, it increases luck and attracts power.
  • Tibetan wish wheel with 8 lucky objects – it transforms bad luck into good luck, purifies the environment, and spreads wellness.

2022 Horoscope based on the Fixed Elements of the Chinese Zodiac Sign

Wood Dragon (1964)

Wood Dragon may get promoted this year, using their intelligence and communication skills. They need to feel that they have taken smart and well-calculated investment decisions.

Fire Dragon (1976)

The end of 2022 may bring the Fire Dragons some contradictory discussions, springing from opposing life visions between them and their loved ones. They are divided between close people and distant friends.

Earth Dragon (1988)

In the Tiger year 2022, the Earth Dragons spend more time with their family and eliminate any toxic relationships from their lives. Those who are single can finally find love among their circle of friends, and those who are married enjoy harmony, peace, and quiet.

Metal Dragon (2000)

This year, the Metal Dragons have many conferences, meetings, discussions, but they also go on short trips or important visits, in which they have things to do.

Water Dragon (2012)

This year, humor will get Water Dragons out of many difficult situations, and it may be their great talent at this moment. Also, it proves to be useful in their romantic relationships throughout the year.

Dragon Personality

Dragons tend to be very enthusiastic, fearless, and charismatic. This is sometimes the person you don’t like but listen to anyway. Their very presence commands attention.

They can be highly ambitious and successful. On the other hand, Dragons can misjudge their abilities and fall short of meeting expectations. While they seem to have impenetrable emotional armor, they are overly sensitive. Just when you think they don’t care, they come over to console and comfort you in a time of need.

They love to have fun, so make sure there are plenty of parties, social events, etc., to keep them happy. Some keywords used to describe the Dragon are sensitive, vigorous, enthusiastic, successful, over-confident, mistrustful.