Year of the Dog – 2022 Horoscope & Luck Predictions

The recent Years of the Dog include 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018.

The 2022 horoscope for the Dog sign reveals only long-term projects, lasting relationships, and stable partnerships.

Socially, the Dogs will encounter no problems, as they are always surrounded by friends, people, and work colleagues. Thus, they will easily overcome any issues and impediments, so they have nothing to worry about because no obstacle will be too difficult for them this year.

year of the dog 2022 horoscope

The people born in the Dog sign will have no communication troubles, and they will be open, receptive, and easily understood. They will be organized and will do a great job at work. Tenacity, hard work, and perseverance will propel them to better positions or places.

Towards the end of the Tiger year, in November and December, it would be best not to overload yourself with too much work and fill your schedule only with work issues.

In spring (March and April), the Dogs will use their creativity, and towards fall, they will pick the benefits of their work. Their private life will be peaceful, and they will enjoy a lot of romance, mature relationships, and passion.

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Love and Relationships

Happily, for Dogs with romance on their minds, 2022 kicks off with all kinds of action in your romance zone.

The part of your chart being activated is more about fun romance than deep commitment. This means you could end up with (choose one): A soul mate, a party animal, a meditator, someone you feel you can merge with, a poet, someone who’s not quite as they seem, your dream lover.

In 2022 it’s time to grow up, at least a bit, and to take your responsibilities, including your relationships, a little more seriously. This is the start of a two-year cycle. Relationships which go the distance now could turn out to be “forever”.


Money and Career

Being a luscious Dog, you love to be able to buy yourself the best and to shower your friends with the same. And, of course, that requires cash.

In 2022, you might as well get used to a little flexibility when it comes to cash. At the very least, you’re in a position to make changes now and could even end up with a radical new cash set-up, if that’s what you’re aiming for.

It’s a good idea to save what you can now, since planning ahead is tricky at the moment. Big gains and big bills are all possible, so having something set aside will give you peace of mind, for sure.

Efforts that you make until the end of April to involve others in your finances should pay off. Anyway, it’s time to start thinking long-term.

October looks interesting – if you think you can wangle more cash via your working life, you might be right. Try the softly softly approach.

In the Year of the Tiger 2022,  you’re about to learn all about Dog work ethic. You could discover ambitions you never, ever knew you had. Your professional life will always be well-starred financially, as long as you stay proactive.

If you want to make your career a little more lucrative, ask the right person for advice at the right time.


People born in the Year of the Dog enjoy a flourishing year in terms of health. 2022 is a good year in which you seek to take more care of yourself, pay special attention to your body, well-being and somehow move towards a spiritual ascension.

You will exercise more than usual, and the tendency to eat healthily will not leave you. Moreover, the stars provide you with positive energy almost all year round. Maybe you will go to the doctor more often for routine investigations, or you will choose to make some major and auspicious lifestyle changes.

Dog 2022 Feng Shui & Lucky Elements

  • Lucky colors: red, apple green, Ceil blue (Fire, Wood, and Water elements)
  • Lucky numbers: 7, 11, 35
  • Lucky months for marriage: April, May, and June of 2033
  • Compatible zodiac sign in 2022: Rat, Snake, and Dog

Lucky Feng Shui objects:

  • Amulet of Love and Luck in Love – White nine-tailed fox – attracts luck in love and for marriage.
  • Monkey with Chinese Coins and Nuggets – activates luck in career and increases income

Horoscope 2022 based on the Fixed Elements of the Chinese Zodiac Sign

Wood Dog (1994)

In the year 2022, for the Wood Dogs, there is the possibility of traveling abroad, whether to study or to participate in congresses, conferences, seminaries, or for touristic purposes.

Fire Dog (1946 and 2006)

They might gain profits from and through others, but in parallel, there are some expenses on taxes, fees, inheritances, or the damage incurred by a loved one. The fluctuations from the financial sector can create some discomfort in the relationship with the other Fire Dogs, which is why it would be best to be cautious and very wise with every expense.

Earth Dog (1958 and 2018)

The partnerships are very lively, and thus, until the middle of the year, the Earth Dogs have an opportunity to work out old issues, organize joint activities with their life partner, collaborators, or finalize projects started somewhere, sometime in the past.

Metal Dog (1970)

Until the end of the year 2022, the Metal Dogs should consider and fully take advantage of any opportunity that comes their way. In love, the chance is on their side this year. Routine is part of the life of those born in the year 1970, which will improve their performance and thus their results.

Water Dog (1982)

2022 is a year full of surprises for the Water Dogs. They will have fun and get to experiment with new things. Gaining is on the side of those born in the year 1982.

Dog Horoscope 2022 Month by Month

January: Relationships cover a broad spectrum, from confusion to inspiration to regret and optimism. Ultimately, though, you’ll learn a great deal about yourself through the power of projection- seeing yourself reflected in the eyes and actions of others.

February: Insights and inspiration are yours. Have faith because what at first seems impossible can become reality with persistence and determination, Use your imagination, envision the future, and, most of all, talk with a close friend whose opinion you respect and trust. Present the facts and your feelings, and then take the good advice to heart.

March: Words are your specialty in March. Turn on the charm if someone catches your eye, and take the lead in meetings and presentations, especially mid-month. You’ll also want to spend extra time with family and your partner after March 16. If you want to host a get-together, plan it for month’s end.

April: Family relationships present a few challenges in early April. Whatever the issue- it might be money- you have the power to be the mediator who can choose to promote calm discussion and solutions and guide others in that direction. At the same time, don’t compromise your values or accept responsibility for what isn’t yours

May: Your work life is hectic the first week of May. Keep cool under pressure even if you disagree with a decision-maker. You may not have all the facts, but it’s equally likely someone else is misinformed. Cover your bases, just in case.

June: Nurture your creativity all month. Try writing, an artistic endeavor, a new hobby, or home decorating. Or, put your inventive mind to work building a better mousetrap! What you do isn’t as important as investing your imagination in a leisure-time pursuit guaranteed to help you relax.

July: Summer calls for outdoor activities, so let the horoscope motivate you to stretch your muscles. Swim, walk, skate, ride a bike, or take a class to learn a new sport.

August: Be kind to your budget and try to save more than you spend. At about the same time, you could have an unexpected domestic expense. If it involves a household repair, call an expert rather than attempt it yourself. Check credentials; if in doubt, get a second estimate even if it means a delay.

September: Make a note to schedule routine health checkups at month’s end. The lunar energy also favors time for yourself to rest, relax, and renew your spirit. Take a day or weekend off and focus on your interests.

October: Close relationships benefit this month. But frustration can spark family tempers at month’s end. Strive for compromise and try to be flexible. The same applies to workplace relationships, where someone’s true nature may suddenly emerge. Be cautious.

November: Your social life gets a burst of energy. Line up lunch dates, outings, and other events with friends, including pals you haven’t seen recently. Family ties are also in focus. You’ll draw closer to some, but want to distance your- self from others. Take the initiative if you’re motivated to resolve old issues with friends or relatives.

December: The Dog is one of the favored this month. This astral fortunate influence also could bring you a year-end bonus the third week of the month, as well as some meaningful gifts the following week.

Dog Personality

The Dog is faithful, loyal, and devoted. They are known to stand up for what they believe is right. This quality also causes them to rescue others in trouble.

You’ll find them working in fields such as social work, nursing, or medicine. They have an inborn pessimistic view of the world, which causes them to analyze all the trees in the forest.

This over-analysis gives rise to fault finding. The Dog does make a great mate as they are very understanding and generous.

Some keywords used to describe the Dog are loyal, respectable, steadfast, persevering, critical, over-analytical, and uneasy.