Tiger Horoscope 2022 & Luck Predictions

The Years of the Tiger include 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022, 2034.

The Tiger will feel comfortable since this is a zodiac sign that enjoys intense activities and will be more than happy to take advantage of the constant challenges the new year brings forth to show off their remarkable skills.

Last year has been troublesome for the Tigers, and 2022 will not be any different, but there is also good news. The fruits of the hardworking Tiger will appear from the first days of 2022.

They must carefully plan their moves in their career because the relaxed attitude and the things left to chance can hinder engaging opportunities at work.

It would be best for the Tigers not to overestimate their strength and take on more complex projects simultaneously as there is a risk of failing to provide quality.

Tigers’ income increases in direct proportion to the work done in 2022, so financially, those born in this sign depend on the ability to take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way.

tiger horoscope 2022

It is preferable not to be stubborn when it comes to teamwork. Too much confidence in their strength and the inability to communicate and collaborate with the rest of the colleagues will prevent them from achieving expected results.

Although they will be successful in their careers, the Tigers should not allow themselves to be carried away because they can lose their heads. The Tigers should not celebrate victory ahead of time. The projects started require constant efforts to be completed, so the Tigers should focus on their objectives and let the victory dance for later.

In personal life, the first part of the year is favorable for the growth of the couple’s relationship. The Tigers will need to pay more attention to their partners and their relationships with those around them.

During spring and summer, some tensions will occur between the partners because the Tiger spends more time at work than home, but they will be able to overcome any conflicts with ease.

Those who are single have the chance to find their mates in the spring or fall of 2022, while the summer will be a chaotic period, impeding their emotional development.

Tiger  Love  Horoscope 2022

Tigers, of course, are pragmatists. They don’t daydream, they don’t fantasize, they don’t gaze wistfully into the distance and they never, ever fall in love. Oh dear me no. Absolutely not. Perish the thought.

Perhaps you are the exception to the rule. Or perhaps the rule is wrong. Either way, I find myself addressing someone whose secret hopes for the year 2022 are about as gooey and sentimental as hopes can get.

Someone whose heart is full of flowers. Someone who can’t see straight for candlelight. Someone who currently feels half inclined to believe in soulmates, special affinities – and happy-ever-afters. Heavens! Don’t, please, tell my fellow astrologers about what you are going through.

They will have to re-write their rulebooks. Anyhow, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you are as impervious as emotion as the traditional experts say.

Maybe I’m just imagining your current susceptibility to romantic fantasy. Or maybe I am just prematurely anticipating it. Maybe I’m talking about something that you have not yet begun to feel – but are likely to experience as 2022 progresses.

All I know is that each time I look at the Tiger astrological outlook, I can see a pounding, passionate heart that fills with fluttering butterflies each time a certain person’s name is mentioned?

Is this you know who? Or is it someone who you don’t yet know? That depends on the strength of a current (or recent) commitment. It also depends on how willing you are to heal past wounds and approach an old story from a fresh angle.

If you want, this year, to breathe new life into an already established emotional bond you certainly can. It will take some honesty, some courage, and some determination to let bygones be bygones.

But you are likely to find a similar willingness to move on and try afresh on your partner’s part. Don’t write off what has gone before… but don’t cling to it either.

Be open to the notion that the universe knows what you need and is keen to supply it – for that suggestion comes through loud and clear when we look at the cosmic climate for Tigers in the coming year.

It speaks of a big, happy, long-lasting change in June. It implies that then of soon after, with someone who means the world to you, you start heading for a truly happy future in a fashion that would not be out of place in the soppiest of storybooks.

Tiger Money and Career Horoscope 2022

The Tiger has to brace itself for a period of hard work and struggle in 2022. The coming year will certainly bring in several favorable opportunities in your career and business but it will be your hard work and ability to sustain yourself against all odds that is required to clinch the deals.

The first few months are rather tough when the weak-hearted will get dejected and give up their struggle. Those born under this sign are generally dynamic and don’t easily give up but when the odds appear to be against them even the brave could get disheartened.

If you continue to pursue your chosen career or business goals nothing can stop you from availing of a good opportunity around April or May. You will have to put in every effort and the resources that you can muster, to succeed even under the most unfavorable circumstances.

Financial gains and position of eminence await those who manage to ride the rough patch early in the year. Those associated with the media, travel trade, hotels industry, information technology, and exports/imports will make rapid progress in their career or business.

Those who were dependent upon a single client from overseas will now work independently with several new associates abroad. Partnerships and joint ventures are likely to restructure their work and decide to work independently.

The employed will receive important positions and those working in the financial sector will not only occupy higher office but will also make successful investments in the stocks as well as in  a real estate.


You may sigh a big relief in 2022, and, indeed, you have probably been on the end of periods of exhaustion over the last couple of years.

But if you’ve risen to the challenge, equally you may have cleaned up your act. If you are yet to do so, a few years would be as well poised as this one to achieve it. But this requires you to get your life running as smoothly as a well well-oiled machine.

Organization should be your motto, for the more you are, the more content and relaxed you’ll feel. However material security and stability can also be very good for your peace of mind. And the more home cooking you get into, using natural ingredients, the more you can aid your health and vitality.

Tiger 2022 Feng Shui & Lucky Elements

  • Lucky colors: white, light gray, ultramarine (Metal, Water elements)
  • Lucky numbers: 6, 9, 12
  • Lucky months for marriage: July and September of 2022
  • Compatible zodiac signs in 2022: Rat, Rabbit, and Dog

Lucky Feng Shui objects:

  • Feng Shui amulet with the harmony apple and Golden Rooster: they bring harmony, eliminate criticism and material loss, but especially harmonize you with those around
  • Five-element Pagoda keychain: it creates a protective shield against unfavorable stars.

Horoscope 2022 based on the Fixed Elements of the Chinese Zodiac Sign

Wood Tiger (1974)

In 2022, the Wood Tigers will attract valuable people around them. These people will help them evolve professionally and personally, and the relationships will turn into lifetime friendships.

Fire Tiger (1986)

The Fire Tigers will have a year full of changes, especially spiritual changes, and have the opportunity to metamorphose old inner problems and turn them into something constructive, so they should focus on their development.

Earth Tiger (1998)

This year is a good occasion for the Earth Tigers to put in order aspects related to inheritances. They could even receive some inheritances in 2022 or at least some more substantial gifts. The idea is that the external resources are amplified, and the Tigers should take full advantage of this.

Metal Tiger (1950, 2010)

For the Metal Tigers, the following period seems to be more than just good. Success seems to follow them in all spheres of life. They will manage to remain, at the same time, discreet, diplomatic, peaceful, and calculated.

Water Tiger (1962)

The intimacy in the life of their couple will also get tested, and the Water Tigers will need to be more understanding and open with their life partner.

Tiger Horoscope 2022 Month by Month

January: Communication is a challenge, primarily mid-month, and as January comes to a close. Mix-ups and misunderstandings are likely, but on a deeper level, you’ll question how to mesh your values with someone else. Compromise is the solution, but that can be tough to achieve. You’ll also want to be careful about what and whom you believe. Some people stretch the truth and others might try to intentionally steer you off course. Ask questions and be especially wary in legal and financial matters.

February: The horoscope signals emerging relationship issues centered on individual needs and goals. Talk is the first step toward resolution; knowledge and acceptance are the second. Some singles make a match the week of February 9, when your social life gets a boost.

March: What you know sets you apart from the crowd this month. Avoid assumptions and give extra attention to details. You also might benefit from taking a short-term skills class or studying on your own. Anything that increases your knowledge is to your advantage later this month and next. 

April: You’re well-situated to catch the attention of decision-makers all month, so do whatever it takes to set yourself up for career gains. The extra effort could net added income at mid-month. That’s also a positive time frame to apply for scholarships and loans, but stay on top of deadlines and double-check your paperwork.

May: It’s easy to lapse into a lazy mood and develop a taste for sweets and comfort food. Stop before you get started and stock the kitchen with healthy meals and snacks. Moderate exercise, such as a daily noontime walk, gets you moving and energized. 

June: You could meet a sensational someone through a friend. But if a dating relationship isn’t working out as you hoped, it might be time to move on. Welcome new people into your life and consider getting involved in a club or organization to widen your circle. 

July:  Career and professional relationships continue to be a hotspot the first two weeks of July. Much of the activity – and potential conflict- centers behind the scenes, however. So do what’s necessary to protect your position.

August: You could be in line for a major step up with the money to match. Much depends upon your initiative and willingness to compromise. The odds also increase if you know the right people, so identify key players and network with friends and colleagues. Keep spending under control, though, and pay bills early.

September: Finances begin to get back on track. Look at spending and saving habits, revamp your budget, and set financial goals. You could earn a raise before month’s end.

October: Family relationships are strained at month’s end, but you can ease much of the tension if you assume the role of mediator and promote calm open communication. Find the middle ground, the compromise that everyone can live with. If you’re involved in a serious dating relationship, this is not the month for commitment and, if you’re wavering, time apart could help you sort out your feelings.

November: You could have some extra expenses this month so you’ll want to be conservative in spending. Career-wise you can stand out above the rest at month’s end. Success, however, will be directly linked to changing conditions and your willingness to adapt.

December: Take time this month to strengthen ties with your partner and .other loved ones. Talk out concerns and issues, celebrate love and life, and reconnect on a spiritual level.

Tiger Personality

This cat is on the prowl. The Tiger would rather be out of the office than in it. If it gets too confining, they may even move on to another job. They are quite nurturing by nature and believe they can take care of anyone or anything.

The Tiger handles stress better than most. They cope by retreating either mentally or physically from the stressor. Although mobile and frequently solitary, they do best when sustained by supporting friends, co-workers, or mates.

A supporting cast can help them fully develop their leadership and diligence. Romance can be intensely passionate but don’t expect them to swoon. Some keywords used to describe the Tiger are authoritative, lucky, brave, intense, itinerant, hot-tempered, and rebellious.