Feng Shui for Career & Office 2021

Feng Shui is the Chinese art that aims to harmonize the vital energies from a specific place through small arrangements that would ensure health, wellness, and prosperity.

At work, applying the Feng Shui techniques helps reducing stress, and facilitates harmonious relationships between the team members, improves creativity, concentration, productivity, and removes negative vibes.

You can achieve all these if you set up your office according to the Feng Shui rules, and we will give you a few tips.

A Feng Shui office will channel positive energy to your work, and it will stimulate you. The best part is that you can use these tricks for your Feng Shui office, whether it is your home office, your workplace in a group of offices, or personal office.

The energies that are acting up in the workplace can make the time spent at the office a real nightmare, and the activity will become unpleasant, poorly managed, and not appreciated, although the work volume will seem huge.

Here we can apply the Feng Shui principles that will quickly improve the room atmosphere so work can become an opportunity to progress in career and a main financial source. Here are a few Feng Shui rules which, if followed, will promote a successful career, eliminate stress, and ensure positive energy that can remove any tension.

How Can I Attract Luck in Career?

The year 2021 is going to be very good financially because, in the NV sector, there is an energy of prosperity, luck, money and wealth, brought by Flying Star 8.

This year, you can progress in your career, or you can grow your business. The prosperity energies can amplify with Number 8 or the Tibetan 8 Auspicious Symbols plaque.

This year, to prevent wasting what we’ve accumulated so far, the Money Lock or the Success and Wealth 5 (Five) Coins Amulet is recommended.

With the energy of Number 8 comes the power to choose, to make important decisions, and all the blockages disappear. The Lung-Ta Horse Amulet is recommended.

Try to use in the office all five Feng Shui elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. A metallic accessory, wooden stationary objects, plants, or a fish tank are good choices.

Feng Shui Lucky Charms to Bring Good Fortune:

  • Money Frog
  • Bamboo
  • Chinese Knot
  • Laughing Buddha
  • White Candle
  • Lucky horse charms to make money
  • Chinese coins
  • Place citrine crystals on your windows
  • Chinese dragons

How Can I Improve My Feng Shui Office?

Maintain an organized and clean office.

The disarray has a profound impact on emotional state and wellness. A clean and organized office brings vital energy, boosts inspiration, concentration, and creativity.

You will have clear ideas, you will regain your energy and vitality, and you will be more open, calmer, and less stressed.

  • Don’t place stacks of files on the floor.
  • Don’t place too many things on the shelves or the cabinets.
  • Organize the cabinets and drawers.
  • Repair or throw away everything that no longer functions.
  • Throw away the papers you don’t need.
  • Organize all the documents on the desk.
  • Throw away all the post-it notes that are no longer valid.
  • Throw away the juice bottles and canes, wash the dirty coffee cups.
  • Remove the dust.
  • Throw away the trash every evening.


In Feng Shui, it is recommended to place green plants in the office. They have a beneficial impact on health and work conditions as they bring positive energies, increase creative work, and productivity. The best plant for the office is the bamboo that attracts luck. Place the plants from east to south-east. Avoid cactus, bonsai, and plants with sharp leaves.


The office colors need to be bright and warm. Beige, sand, light gray, and light yellow are the recommended colors. These are not the only colors used for interior design in workplaces. Dark colors are also used, but when doing so, it is indicated to combine them with light, soft tones. The vivid colors agitate the body and the spirit.

The most suitable colors are green because it stimulates progress, and red because it is the color of success and fame. A trick: if your work implies many phone conversations, place the device on a red stand.

The light is complementary to the colors, and it is essential in a Feng Shui office, so raise the blinds, pull the desk next to the window, or keep the light on.

Blue is another essential color for a Feng Shui office because it is a royal color that can stimulate creativity, and creativity is vital in an office regardless of your work.

What Objects and Images Exist in a Feng Shui Office?

Each object from your office can influence you. When you are surrounded by inspiring objects and images, you create a favorable environment that helps you to fulfill your objectives.

You can place photos, slogans, and images that signify your goals. Pick furniture and accessories that inspire prosperity, abundance, and success.

The computer should be placed on the right side of the desk, and on the upper left side, it is recommended to have a lamp.

On the back wall of the office, hang a painting with a mountain landscape, but without sharp peaks, and on the front, an aquatic painting since water symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

To energize your office, place the right items in the right places with the help of a compass, as follows:

  • The phone, notebook, computer, business cards to the west or north-west to facilitate your career and the contact with the exterior;
  • Photos with the close ones to the west or east;
  • The lamps should be placed on the south side of the office to light your future perspectives.
  • To improve your relationships with co-workers, place the plant on the east side.

Where Should I Place my Feng Shui Desk?

The orientation of the desk in the room is one of the most important things for achieving a Feng Shui office.

To do so, place the desk in the place of power, which means far away from the room entrance, with the back at the wall or diagonally.

  • The desk should not be placed with the back to the window or the door because it makes you vulnerable, and it triggers anxiety. You need to see who enters, and to see the danger coming. If you can’t place the desk like this, make sure you have a high-back chair to protect you.
  • Don’t place the desk close to the door so you don’t get distracted.
  • Avoid placing the desk facing the wall, so you can work and focus better. If you have no choice, place a nature picture on the wall, such as a landscape, the ocean, etc.
  • The space in front of you must be open to facilitate opportunities.
  • If you share the space with someone else, avoid staying face to face or back to back. These two positions tend to create conflicts. If you cannot avoid it, offset the desk or place a plant or a photo as a barrier.
  • If you work in open space, the partition walls are important because, in a space that it’s too open, the energy evaporates. Try to delimit the space between yourself and your colleagues.