How Fortunate Will Be the Babies Born in 2022 – Year of the Tiger

The year 2022 is the Year of the Water Tiger and it will start on February 1.

It will be a lucky year, therefore a very good year for mothers who will give birth to a child. The child born in the year of the Water Tiger will be smart, honest, nice, and will have a good and gentle heart.

Mothers who will have a baby next year will be happy and lucky. Children born in 2022 have a natural charisma, are lucky, and know-how to transform any situation for their benefit, through their special charm.

What does it mean to be born in the Year of the Tiger 2022?

The personality of the Tiger child

Tiger children will never go unnoticed, they will not accept second place in a competition. Their minds will always be active, being interested in everything that is happening around them. Because their spiritual dimension is very large, they like to do large things, tending to exaggerate. Nothing will stop them from achieving what they set out to do.

They may be selfish, too ambitious, but all because they know they are born to wear the crown. Intelligence and talent prevent them from thinking of small goals, with minor involvement. They will always have high standards.

Tigers are fighters, great friends. You can rely on them in any circumstance. They jump to the aid of their friends, and on the battlefield, when the others run away scared, the tiger people remain and face the situation with dignity and authority.

Their way of acting with authority and honor makes them absolute leaders, with people following them with confidence.

Feng shui tips for the room and child protection

Wu Lou Gourd and Chinese Knot, for Safety and Health, Wealth and Success, The Amulet for Your Family and Friends

Place this remedy in your child’s room to protect him from negative energies, to help him learn better to integrate into the family.

Couples who want their children should place two remedies in the conjugal bedroom, one remedy on each side of the bed.

The red mystical knot makes the energy flow smoothly and all obstacles are removed from your life.

Set of 2 child protection deities

They are used for the protection of children for health, protection, and luck.

Feng Shui Pi Yao / Pi Xiu for Wealth Good

They are divine, powerful, and lucky creatures. It is said that it can help to keep away you from negative Feng Shui.

Other feng shui tips

To have a child’s room with good Feng Shui, you must be guided by your senses.

Think of the little one’s room as a special refuge for relaxation. Treat the child’s sense of smell with respect. Open the windows daily for good ventilation. If desired, add gentle essential oils, such as chamomile, rose, vanilla, or lavender.

We are all sensitive to the energy around us and this is especially true for children who feel everything. Good Feng Shui always feels good. Trust your body’s responses to the decisions you make in your child’s room.

The significance of numbers for 2022

Number 2

The symbolic meaning of the number 2 consists of kindness, balance, tact, weighted attitude, and dualism. The number two reflects the serene power of thought and the need for planning. “Two” usually asks us to make a choice.

The spiritual meaning of number two leads us to interaction with others, partnership, and communication. Number 2 urges us to put aside indecision, to ally with people like us, or to share the same ideals. “Two” gives us wings to launch ourselves into our original judgment, so that we may do all that is best for our souls.

Number 6 (2 + 0 + 2 + 2)

The symbolism of number 6 leads us to myth and legend. With Venus as a compelling deity, the number six represents harmony, balance, sincerity, love, and truth. Number six leads us to calm and relaxation and gives us diplomacy as the art of overcoming delicate issues.

The spiritual significance of the number 6 includes enlightenment, especially bringing to light aspects of life that require mental and spiritual balance. “Six” leads us to compassion, understanding and forgiveness for those around us.

Number 22

Twenty-two is one octave higher than the number four and is considered to be a prime number. It contains the secrets of many esoteric questions, therefore there are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, 22 paths in many versions of Kabbalah, and 22 books in ‘Major Arcana’.

22 carries qualities of a medium, such as increased sensitivity, intuition and mental awareness, but is also prone to obstacles such as betrayal by unknown enemies and excessive sensitivity.


Zero is a powerful number that brings great change and transformation, which sometimes occur in a profound way. It has a lot of intensity, so caution is needed when meeting this number, to make sure we don’t fall into extremes.


In conclusion, according to the Chinese zodiac, children born in 2022 will be healthy and strong.  If you have been planning a baby for a long time, the best time for his birth is the year 2022. Especially since children born this year will have more luck in life and will achieve many things more easily.