5 Powerful Ways to Utilize Feng Shui for Boosting Your Prosperity in the Year 2024

If you want to reach a point where money isn’t a problem, it’s a good idea to follow some advice from the 2024 Feng Shui principles.

Feng Shui is a science that studies the energy of the household and according to it, based on a few fundamental rules, we increase or obtain something we want, whether it’s money, a career, love, or luck. The Feng Shui rules for money are rather simple.

First, you have to focus on a certain Feng Shui zone in your home that is linked with money and financial prosperity, this zone is always in the South-East part of your house.

Once you find where that Feng Shui zone is, you can create positive energy to attract money into your life.

5 Feng Shui Tips to Make Money in 2024:

Place Wealth Symbols in the Zone of Prosperity
According to the Feng Shui tradition, enhancing energy flow in the prosperity zone can effectively amplify the family’s wealth.

Introduce Plants into the Prosperity Zone for Overall Growth
Introducing plants into the prosperity zone is believed to foster growth in various aspects of your life. Additionally, placing a bowl of fruits on the table serves as a representation of affluence.

Enhance Symbolic Wealth with Mirrors
Consider hanging a large mirror in the room, strategically positioned to reflect the table. This practice is thought to symbolically double the wealth represented on the table.

Utilize Wind Chimes for Prosperity
Install wind chimes within the prosperity zone of your bedroom, with a preference for those adorned with a red string. The melodious sounds are believed to attract positive energy.

Embrace Traditional Wealth Symbols in Decoration
Adorn the prosperity zone with traditional symbols of affluence, such as a turtle, a laughing Buddha, or Chinese coins. These symbols hold significant meaning in Feng Shui and can enhance the energetic wealth of the space.

Make a 2024 Prosperity Bowl

Prosperity bowls hold a deep significance as potent tools in attracting abundance and wealth. These bowls are not merely decorative items; they serve as physical manifestations of our intentions and desires for financial prosperity.

At their core, prosperity bowls symbolize the interconnectedness of humanity with the energies of the universe. By carefully selecting and placing elements such as grains, coins, jewelry, and lucky charms within the bowl, we create a representation of the elements required for a prosperous life.

Create a bowl symbolizing abundance and wealth using fertile earthy materials.

Include a mix of grains, seeds, and pulses to represent growth and prosperity.

Incorporate coins from different currencies or denominations to symbolize financial flow.

Add small items of jewelry to signify luxury and material rewards.

Place lucky charms and symbols associated with fortune and luck.

Personalize the bowl with items representing your specific prosperity goals.

Integrate crystals like citrine, pyrite, or jade for their associations with abundance. Include scented elements like incense sticks or aromatic herbs to stimulate positive energy.

Follow Feng Shui guidance and place the bowl in the northeast area of your space.

Regularly cleanse the items and refresh the contents of the bowl. Visualize your financial aspirations while interacting with the bowl.

Express gratitude for the abundance you have and the prosperity you’re attracting.

Use the power of fire.

In Feng Shui, sources of fire (ovens, gas cookers) are believed to generate energy in the household. That is where all elements are needed to sustain the family meeting. The best place to put these sources is in the middle of the room, where the cook can see everything and he can’t be taken by surprise. If the oven is next to a wall, the best way to remedy this is to place a mirror behind it.

Use green plants

Certain green plants, when placed in the Feng Shui zone for money, can increase the prosperity of the household. The most widely used plants for Feng Shui are Pachira Aquatica or The Jade tree, bamboo, and plants that clean the air.


– The colors believed to attract money in 2024 are white, green, and blue.
You can also use a dash of red or shades like coral, orange, mauve, or pink to trigger the zone.

Feng Shui rules for your wallet.

If you want to keep your wallet full, I recommend you:

Let’s talk about wallets and money – something we all deal with. Did you know there are some cool tips you can use to attract more money into your life? It’s like making your wallet a money magnet!

First off, keep your money neat and not all crumpled up. Treating your money with care sends a positive vibe to your finances.

Inside your wallet, how you put your money matters too. Try arranging your bills from small to big, or the other way around. This shows you’re organized with your money and ready for more.

Also, think about the size of your wallet. Using a bigger wallet is like saying, “I’m open to having more money!”

Now, let’s get into the “3 wallets” idea. Imagine you have three wallets (not literally!). The first one is for everyday spending – your go-to wallet. The second is for bills and stuff you gotta pay. And the third one is like a savings wallet – any extra money goes there.

Here’s a cool thing to do: after you’ve paid your bills and you have even just $1 left, put it in your wallet and keep doing that for a while. It’s like telling the universe, “I’m good at holding onto money!” Over time, this can make a difference.

Feng Shui Objects to Help You Make Money in 2024:

Feng Shui Lucky Frog with Tree Legs and Red Peppers

The Money Frog – also named The Lucky Frog or the three-legged Toad – is the divine version of the frog because it has 3 legs. It is considered the most important symbol of prosperity, wealth, and luck in Feng Shui.


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Golden Arowana key ring

Arowana is a tropical fish that has gained the reputation of being the most expensive freshwater and aquarium fish. Because of its similarities with a dragon – scales, the two mustaches, and the way it swims – Arowana is also known as the dragonfish.

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The Chinese letter for fish is “Yu”, which means abundance, and when paired with the letter for the dragon, it becomes a supreme symbol for luck, the Arowana thus being a Feng Shui symbol associated with wealth, luck, sturdiness, and power. Many wealthy businessmen are ardent believers that having Arowana fish on their desks has helped them become so prosperous.

Amulet depicting the Prosperity – Tree with birds

It’s an astonishing Fenghui Sui tree. Add some positive energy to your house and office spaces. You will find plants and artificial plants in Chinese households because they believe they have the power to bring prosperity, abundance, and luck into their homes. They must be placed in the position of the 8th star.

Increase Your Income and Wealth by Using Feng Shui Remedies

Using Feng Shui solutions strategically placed in favorable areas can help you attract wealth into your life. The Year of the Wood Dragon offers abundant financial opportunities to enhance your success and increase your prosperity. However, challenges may arise, and it’s important to be cautious of potential financial setbacks. To safeguard against such pitfalls, consider having a rhinoceros, preferably a blue one, placed in your home and office throughout the year to provide protection from financial losses.

1. The Ship of Wealth, Feng Shui Remedy

One of the most important symbols of wealth and prosperity in Feng Shui, after the dragon, is a boat with sails, also known as The Ship of Wealth.

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It is said that the Ship of Wealth, something every rich Chinese individual has in his home, can bring you wealth if it’s placed in the prosperity zone on the Feng Shui map.


2. Silver Maneki Neko Lucky Cat

Cute and delightful, this lucky cat isn’t just lovely, it can also bring you happiness, wealth, and prosperity. If you work in the business sector, Maneki Neko can bring you many sales and more clients. If you are employed, it will give you the promotion and raise that you want.

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For success in your career and business affairs, place a Maneki Neko lucky cat in your office, at the front entrance of a store, facing the door, or place it next to the cash register to attract wealth and luck from all around you.

3. Chinese Coins

Chinese coins have always been a popular symbol of wealth and prosperity in China. Chinese coins are round and have a square hole in the center. This combination of a square hole in a round shape represents the sky and the earth and when used correctly, they can be extremely potent as they symbolize attracting luck from both the earth and the sky.

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In Ancient China, scientists believed that the coins were very potent in attracting luck and wealth, which is why they were worn as amulets by their sons. If the coins are combined with another good omen such as a Chi Li, a turtle, or a dragon, it is said that your success and wealth will be greatly increased.

4. Elephant-Headed Ganesh for Protection

The Elephant-headed God of Wealth Ganesh, also known as Ganapati, is worshiped by many Hindus, especially those in the business sector. In general, he is seen as the god of wisdom, as well as the one that removes obstacles. Because of this, by having a depiction of him in the house, you invoke auspicious energies.

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You place this in the living room in a visible spot or in the hallway to ward off negative energies and to protect your family members. Also, placing a Ganesh in your office will help you protect your wealth and consolidate business affairs for those who wish to protect their wealth through investment.

The Dragon, which holds the fifth position in the Chinese Zodiac, symbolizes intelligence, confidence, patience, and a systematic approach. This creature is known for its diligent and valuable nature, safeguarding the family while upholding the importance of authority. With its poised and self-assured demeanor, a person born under the Dragon sign often earns positions of power and accountability. Placing a Dragon figure in your home or workplace is believed to enhance and amplify the positive traits and qualities of everyone in the family, enriching their overall character.