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Laura Marvin – Feng Shui & Ba Zi Chinese Astrology Expert

The year 1995 has been a turning point in my life because I’ve met Master Lin Kai Ting. This way, by going to the qigong classes and practicing individually, I’ve discovered the wonderful world of the ancient Chinese teachings.

A quantitative amassment of information and energy followed through annual classes and camps that only increased my interest in this domain. This determined me to study further the bases of acupuncture, the connections between the five primordial elements, and the causes of the diseases.

In 2007, I graduated the first Feng Shui class along with Master Raymond Lo. The next modules in Chinese astrology and I Ching followed in 2008.

Master Raymond Lo, also known as Feng Shui Lo, is originally from Hong Kong, he has an excellent reputation in the domain and a vast experience using as study cases personalities such as Bill Clinton, George Bush, Marilyn Monroe, Monica Lewinski or Bill Gates.

I’ve continued to study Feng Shui and astronomy with Joey Yap, the founder of Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, a global organization having the mission to spread ancient teachings about destiny, traditional Feng Shui and physiognomy, with the headquarter in Malaysia.

This is how I’ve acquired valuable and complete knowledge from true sources, which today are helping me offer counseling in business and real estate, both to individual and big companies, architects, and designers.

Chinese Astrology

The “four pillars of destiny” or BaZi (8 elements) are a form of Chinese astrology and one of the 5 original classic studies of this civilization. This knowledge represents the outcome of many years of observations and research made by wise Chinese people to find a system that could predict as exactly as possible the destiny of a person throughout life.

Like the Universe, people are also made of combinations of elements, and our destinies are also governed by the laws of nature, the Birth and Destruction Cycles.
Only by understanding how they influence and interact in time, we can better understand the character and personality, and be able to make predictions regarding the future. We can evaluate the exact potential, talents, relationships with others, and the state of health.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui art is very popular in Eastern Asia, where it is traditionally practiced by Chinese ethnic minorities.

This art is based on the study of cosmos movement, and on arranging the furniture and the space to generate a “wealth flow”.

A person success in life depends on 5 factors, divided in:

Destiny, meaning the qualities we have from birth;
Luck, nothing is by chance, everything is determined at birth, since the first breath;
Feng Shui, meaning the influence of some visible and invisible forces from the surrounding space;
Amassment of good deeds, charity acts throughout life;

Those who believe in this art are convinced that by practicing Feng Shui, they can improve their health and personal relationships, and also increase their wealth.

In Hong Kong and Singapore, this art is taken so seriously that the companies are consulting Feng Shui experts regarding any aspect, from business strategies to the headquarters’ interior design.

Disneyland modified the angle of its main entrance to Hong Kong park after consulting a Feng Shui expert.

The interest in Feng Shui is so great that a brokerage house from the region has published a Feng Shui memo for the clients, estimating that the stock market will increase from March to August, and the dollar will continue to be affected by weakness.