2021 Luck Predictions by Month for Each Zodiac Sign

In the year of Gold Ox 2021, those who leap at every opportunity that arises will have luck on their side, thus enjoying a positive development in all the spheres of life.

Which zodiac signs are lucky in 2021?

The year 2021 seems to be excellent for certain signs of the Chinese horoscope:

The Monkey sign, one of the most brilliant out of all twelve signs, will enjoy a series of beautiful moments in 2021.

The people born under this sign will be successful professionally, with a quick enough mind to adapt regardless of the domain or the project they join. 

Those who are born in the Snake sign will enjoy an exciting second part of the year in 2021. The first part of the year is going to be difficult, but in the second part, they will have luck on their side. 

On the list of lucky signs are also the people born under the Dragon sign. They will enjoy a very good year, especially if they want to take up studies.

They can have amazing professional development. They will also pass all future exams with flying colors.

The Rooster is also on the list of signs with a brilliant mind. In 2021, their success will make everyone envious.

They will manage to change their job and to obtain some offers that are hard to refuse, some of them very well paid.

For these people, the most favorable period is between August and October of next year.

Is 2021 my lucky year?

According to the Chinese zodiac, the year 2021 is going to be favorable for marriage, but also for those who want to become parents.

Those who are born under the Tiger and Dragon signs value romance, and sentimentally, this is going to be a memorable year for them.

The Tigers and Dragons will realize that they are lucky to have a stable relationship that evolves beautifully, which will determine them to start thinking of marriage.

The year 2021 brings the Rats and Monkeys the opportunity to become parents and to increase their families.

Which month is the luckiest?

Each zodiac sign will have a lucky month in 2021, this year announcing to be full of significant events, so for some signs, changes will occur in their personal life, such as a wedding or the birth of a child, while others will focus on career.


The Rats seem to have a wonderful Gold Ox year 2021, and they will be lucky in March, August, and November. During these months, the Rats will have the most chances to fulfill their dreams and to enjoy financial stability.

Also, this year, they will enjoy excellent professional achievements, whether they will progress in their career, or they will choose another much better-paid activity domain.


This year, the Ox people will have an amazing year, especially in terms of material assets. They will enjoy prosperity, and they manage to save money in April and October. The children born under this sign will learn many new things in 2021.


The people born in the Tiger astrological sign will have an excellent period and even blind luck in February, June, and September. These months will be full of happy events and beneficial changes that they should not miss.


If you are born under the Rabbit sign, you will travel in May and September. In March and October, your career will be successful, and you will not lack money.


If you are a Dragon, you will enjoy plenty of luck in love in February. However, in September and November, the Dragons will manage to save money, or they will get some higher-paying jobs.


It is said about the Snakes that are generally very lucky, and don’t miss any chance in life. They will have a wonderful time during the first months of 2021 when they will manage to gather a lot of money, and they will enjoy great material comfort. They will have a good time also in August when they will travel a lot, and they will enjoy romance and adventures.


The Chinese horoscope predicts that the people born under the Horse sign will be lucky in May and July in terms of career. The young Horses will have great chances to reach leading positions this year. Also, during the first months of the year, the Horses will have an amazing time, and they might even get married and settle down in their own homes.


The people born in Goat will have a great time in April, August, and November. They will truly feel that they have luck on their side, and they will consolidate their careers.


This sign is considered to be lucky in Chinese astrology. June, September, and December will be the lucky months for them, with many fulfilled dreams, love, and money. According to the horoscope, they will have great chances to earn money in May and September.


In the Ox year of 2021, the Roosters will gather money, they will find better jobs, they will receive inheritances, or they will get married. They will truly be lucky in March and July when they will enjoy unexpected financial gains.


This year, the Dogs will have great chances and profits, and good relationships. They will be lucky in love during the last months of the Ox year.


The people born under the Pig sign are luckiest in January. Opportunities, good business deals, and long-term investments will occur this year in the life of the Pigs.